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Week 32 winner

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by Jeffrey Lim

Ambon scorpionfish in Anilao

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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From The Black Sea

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THE FIRST DIVE.I. With the oldest brother I will be a real diver too, I am already total 2 years old! He likes the sea most of all and I must to see what is there!
It looks like prehistoric ancient monstr.
f5.6. 1/160. ISO 50. Internal strobe. Each of them was less than 1 cm, but they were not keeping close as usual but were demonstrating their nippers. It seems to me they were looking at me so severe...
This is my favourite fish blenny with it facial desture at the ancor of 13th century. f4.2, 1/250c, internal strobe.
It is a woman portret with "MORAY" - this is our Black sea glove-made MORAY.
He is sleeping in the beautiful place.
swimming amidst seven Scorpionfishes
The sky and the sunlight and the jellyfish...
Yang lady want to be a beautiful even in the muddy water
"Why do you come here and flash for me? You can thank me that I have a good dinner, usually I like to see as you push a button and go away before your Olympus maturate to make a shot... @
There is diver with his equipment at the u/w tow transport Protey. He din't want to be a model and quickly went ago. f4, 1/30, ISO 50. The strobe was at the the left side, but many particles become visible at right side.
f/5.6, 1/100 sec, Olympus SP-550 with built-in and external hand-made strobe. It is no wide angle but fish is more than 30 cm. The category is right choosen? Would you so kind to say me the way to do better?
It is autoportret in the Scorpionfish eye.
f5.6, 1/200sec,ISO 50. focus 18 mm. There were built-in strobe and hand -made very powerful Strobe.
It was near Kimburn.
I like to see love arround me, expessially among u/w organisms - I want to watch them in great amounts!
It was an ordinary city beach, there were many people . This fish made it's home from mytylus conche and looked at me with great imperturbability and placidity. I took photos in different appertures and video, where my heroe rotated with its eyes.
The frogman.
This young man wanted to have a dive and he asked for scuba. He is a real diver!
Jellyfish in the shallow
Underwater reflection
These plants - cistozira and algae - are typical for the shallow waters in the little bays of Sozopol
Green, green plants of my Black Sea
A slipping actinia at the shallow reef. In the night it opens his beautiful colored tentacles and turns in to a dangerous predator.
Ctenophora Beroe ovata - unrequested new inhabitant in Black Sea.It is a damaging visitor from the Aegean Sea.
Retrophotography, the 60th of the past century. Taken at the Tzarevo town coast.
crab grass
230 Entries Found: Page 5  of  9

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