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by Penn De Los Santos

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Glenn Carballo (2nd place)
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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From The Sea of Japan

188 Entries Found: Page 6  of  7
/ arabesque greenling
silent inhabitants of stone ruins of Petrova island II
/ three-stripe rock-fishes
secret paths
/ Owston's rockfishes, Zubra reef vertex at a depth of 40 meters
xxx / spawning of starfishes
/ Asterias amurensis / Japanese starfish
Le Penseur / Thinker
/ Giant Octopus Dofleini
young elegant sculpin
Iretskogo island near Putyatin island in sea of japan,
Spotted seals swam near, but they didn't want to be photographed.
soar above "stars"
smiley smile
/ comb jelly, sea gooseberry, sea walnut, or Venus's girdles
Blackspot ronquil over Swift's pecten
/Bathymaster derjugini, Swiftopecten swifti
Anemone abstract
Reefs of sea of japan
cutting waves
from light into shadow...
/ Aurelia aurita
Home Among Strangers (3)
/ japanese amberjack near japanese butterfish bait ball
"Is there anyone alive? I'm hungry"
/ octopus at graveyard of bivalves
fishing for Japanese butterfish at Povorotny buoy (Turning buoy)
Home Among Strangers (2)
/ japanese amberjack into japanese butterfish bait ball (1/4 frame)
Home Among Strangers (1)
/ japanese amberjack into japanese butterfish bait ball (full frame)
Yearning Heart Island
/at this place only 50 meters from shore for the first time in Russian waters 2011.08.17 from Great White Shark suffered swimmer. The guy lost both his arms. frown
click here
palm under water smile
/ Just anemone on long stalk
"... Take me a picture...please"
/ Giant octopus Dofleiny (3)
"Hey, I'm here..."
/ Giant octopus Dofleini (2)
wreck superintendent
Fishing seiner by name "Lysva", missing in 1972, reason is not installed, 11 victims. Divers discovered it by chance in 2002, deep- 30 meters.
While I was researching wreck, he was watching me, eerie place. ..
/ fringed blenny
silent inhabitants of stone ruins of Petrova island
/ three-stripe rock-fish
arabesque greenling EF 15mm f/2,8 Fisheye
arabesque greenling EF100mm f/2.8 Macro USM
188 Entries Found: Page 6  of  7

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