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Our UW photo contest is the longest running and most prestigious online. If you want to make a name for yourself this is THE place to do it.

Just look at some of the internationally acclaimed photographers who have launched their u/w photo careers here over the years.

Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Erin Quigley

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Miller's Nembrotha nudibranch snacking on one of its favorite sponges. No wonder they have such beautiful blue rhinophores! D100 in a Titan Housing, Komodo.
The dive sites in Rinca near Komodo are rich with these gorgeous, freaky critters. Happily for photographers, the background is often equally colorful. This Crested Nembrotha nudibranch would fit right in as a Dr. Seuss character.
What a treat to find these dramatic Coleman's shrimp in a (relatively) slow moving Fire Urchin. A Zebra Crab was on board the same urchin, but couldn't be coaxed into the frame. D100 and 105 in a Titan housing.
Palauan Epiphany - Napoleon Wrasse at Blue Corner, Palau. Nikon RS and a 50mm lens.
Snake eel and gravid cleaner shrimp. Lauadi, Milne Bay, Png. Nikonos Rs and a 50mm lens, 2 SB-104's.
Ornate Ghost pipefish. House reef at Tufi, PNG. D100 and Titan housing, 60mm lens.
Clingfish Boudoir. Milne Bay, PNG. D100 in a Titan housing, 60mm lens.
Which way is up? California Sea Lion executes manuever 27A - upside down corkscrew with a half flip. Santa Barbara Island rookery, Southern Channel Islands. D100 in a Titan housing. 60mm lens (not my usual choice for sea lions!)
Halimeda pipefish of the Lembeh Straits, Sulawesi, Indonesia. Nikonos RS with 2 Nikon SB104 strobes, 50mm lens.

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Editor's Comment
A rare subject. Getting two must have been tough Erin!
This albino devil scorpionfish caught my eye during a dive at Gunabarabara in Milne Bay, PNG. As I settled in for the shot, I noticed he seemed to be wearing his heart on his sleeve!
Starry Starry Night - Composite of elements from the Solomon Islands and PNG

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Editor's Comment
a composite that looks like a CFWA shot - as the best ones do!
When I returned to Linda's Reef in Milne Bay, just a day after taking this shot, these clownfish eggs had hatched. D100 in a Titan housing.
This imperial shrimp has developed a pattern that closely resembles that of it's commensal partner, a Spanish dancer nudibranch. Barracuda Point, Milne Bay, PNG. D100 in a Titan housing.
Yellow Shrimp on whip coral, Sulawesi.
Gold Spotted Halgerda nudibranch in the rubble near Kwato Wharf in Milne Bay, PNG. This one is huge - almost the size of my hand. D100 in a Titan housing from Light and Motion.

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Editor's Comment
On a trip to the Socorros, it seemed the mantas were delighted by the feeling of our bubbles, and came back to hover above us repeatedly. This manta, being cleaned by two clarion angelfish is really right on top of me. Nikonos RS and 13mm lens.
I don't think Riley really needs to breathe. He's the most relaxed child in the water, preferring to swim under it rather than on top of it - usually with a dolphin kick. He's also a huge ham, thus a very willing model for underwater photos. D100
Not a dive for the faint of heart, Alcyon's raging current at Cocos Island, Costa Rica brings in thousands of schooling hammerheads. Nikonos RS and a 20-35mm lens.

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Editor's Comment
Guaranteed to provoke an emotional reaction just looking at it!
Barely visible at this resolution, the highlights along the top side of this Lion's Mane jellyfish are tiny commensal crabs.
Solomon Island anemone fish
On Dasher! On Dancer! On Nemo!... taken in the frigid waters of the North Pole.
Stay inside, Mildred! I'll handle this. This shot of a painted greenling pair was taken at Bird Rock in Catalina Island, CA. D100 in an Aquatica Housing.
An encrusted mason jar makes a convenient pied-a-mer for this jeweled blenny. Taken in Milne Bay, PNG with a D100 in a Titan housing by Light and Motion.
On a night dive at Bunama in Milne Bay, Papua New Guinea, I had to shoot through a cloud of sea monkeys to capture this Corallimorpharian mouth.
Still illegal in 7 states! Lucky for the Volcano Hypselodoris, anything goes at Michelle's Reef in Milne Bay, PNG.
An enormous barrel sponge is the jewel in the crown on this ridge at Chrinoid City in Milne Bay, PNG. The MV Chertan floats about 50 ft above. Taken with a D100 in a Titan housing from Light and Motion.
On Cherie's Reef in Milne Bay, PNG, the water was so teeming with life that I didn't know where to point the camera. Sea fans, chrinoids, gorgonians and tubastrea coral stand out in lush relief against a backdrop of schooling fish.
35 Entries Found: Page 1  of  2