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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Alena Vorackova

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My friend shooting a pike and myself on a small quarry in CZ...
Met these guys on a night dive from shore.
Small wreck of a boat on large Austrian lake Attersee.

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
Alena is a newbie who leverages some good shots from her native Czech Republic
A shot taken during my first diving under ice. I think, that I got hooked.. ;-)
Aliens. Training of a group of young synchro swimmers in a pool.
A pool competition image. Little Kaja was cooperating perfectly...
Pool photo of 7 months old Samuel with his mum. I like the way the little boy is touching and looking at his mum even under water.
There is a quarry, where there are very large ones...
Diving in moutain lake Grundlsee in Austria.
Snorkeling and diving in river Kamenice in the northern Bohemia.
Connected. Synchro swimmers in a pool.
Lucky shot in one of Bohemian quaries. The two pikes only met shortly and each swam its way. :-)
Our first family dive (with me taking picture). It is my daughter Michaela.
Large eel in Hracholusky dam, the Czech republic. During the day, they are very shy and this was a few second meeting...
You neednt have the sea to see "corals". This was taken in a fresh water dam near the place I live. It is a freshwater sponge. They have not been seen here in the recent years though.
Another pool shot (again succesful). Just a reflection of Christmas paper in a form for ice.

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
It's always good to see an abstract!
One of winning images of pool photo competition in the Czech Republic. Just playnig with water, no PC work.
Last port. Elba, 2004.
A Fisch You Say ?! (Mediterrian morray eel, taken at Elba island)
Czech fresh water pond... early spring and this pike was trying to match its colours to the ground... It stayed still for two shots.
Late summer in dam Czech Republic, this pike was over 1 meter...
Elba, 9/2004, my inexperienced, but keen diver/model Simča...
Lota lota in freshwater Austria (Europe) mountain lake Gossau.
Austria (Europe) mountain lake - Gossau. Beautiful dive...
Fresh water pond in Czech Republic, early fall.
Always cool... My boyfriend in freshwater pond. Czech Republic. Wide lens.
End of dive all alone in water. Elba 9/2004
Gold Medal Gold Medal 2004

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
This is how to compose a fisheye wreck shot. Give it space to 'fall' into.
29 Entries Found: Page 1  of  2