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Our UW photo contest is the longest running and most prestigious online. If you want to make a name for yourself this is THE place to do it.

Just look at some of the internationally acclaimed photographers who have launched their u/w photo careers here over the years.

Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Karl Dietz

24 Entries Found
Bow of the T&C Aggessor
Horse Eye Jacks at Rush Hour
Barracuda-Slow shutter pan
Reef Shark trio
Tiger Shark from North Bahamas
Great Hammerhead from North Bahamas

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
a nice clean shot Karl
Tiny Goby from Turks & Caicos
Photographer working with huge Tiger Shark
Moorish Idol from Wakatobi
Cozumel Trunkfish
A little glory for the common fireworm
Dugout canoe in Wakatobi
Lemon Shark among photographers
Free swimming flatworm....night dive in Wakatobi
Runner Up - worthy of note but not a medal winner - an equal 4th place if you like! Runner Up 2005

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
Not an easy one to capture!
Wakatobi Reef Scene
Father and daughter on a Wakatobi wall dive
Tiny Bonaire Yellowstrip Goby hiding under feeding coral
Bonaire Blenny
Bonaire Christmas Tree Worm from a different angle
Wakatobi Reef Scene
Spawning Barrel Sponge in Bonaire
Slow Shutter Blurred Squirrelfish taken in the Turks & Caicos
Magic Eyes
I used a very slow shutter speed and rear curtain sync to give this image an artistic mood due to the combination of motion blur and sharp focus.
This image was taken during a Tiger/Great Hammerhead Shark trip in the Bahamas. Divers hung out behind the boat as a chum slick attracted the sharks. I looked back toward the boat and captured the sun rays coming down from around the boat.
24 Entries Found