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Our UW photo contest is the longest running and most prestigious online. If you want to make a name for yourself this is THE place to do it.

Just look at some of the internationally acclaimed photographers who have launched their u/w photo careers here over the years.

Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Rico Besserdich

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"High Key Lionfish"
Made underwater, not in Photoshop ;-)
I think this will be my last entry here. Time to move on.
Makro Christmas ;-)
Juvenile lionfish ( around 3 cm. small )
Somewhere in the Red Sea......
"Diamonds" ;-)
Glass-Fishes ;-)
UW photographer v/s the "Dunraven" - Red Sea, Egypt.
Panorama shot of the "Dunraven"
"Fire & Water"
Fire-Coral in the red sea. Fisheye lens, 1 single strobe with a snout attached to it.
Panorama shot of the "Fiddle Garden", Sharm El Sheikh - Egypt.
Traditional Chinese "Ink&Wash" drawing technique expressed as underwater photograph :-)
Just a simple macro shot ;-)
fun in the pool ;-)
airplane wreck a bicycle a wreck ?? Don't know whereelse to post this I post it here ;-)
Different view of a flatworm ;-)
a closer view.....
Eye of a cornet-fish
The "Dakota" wreck in Kas/Turkey. Ambient light shit with usage of "magic filters".
Panorama shot ( consists out of 3 images stitched together ) of a DOUGLAS C-47.
Wreck of a DOUGLAS C-47 "Skytrain" airplane, often known as "Dakota".
Just water ;-)
"Red Revolution"
Bokeh Shrimp :-)
City of Izmir as "over/under" at night. During this long exposure ( 2 seconds ) a small wave swapped against my domeport...which resulted in this interesting effect ;-)
f/8 , 2 seconds , ISO 800
"Beam me up, Nemo !" Zooming shot ( made underwater, not in PS ). Tokina 10-17mm. 1/6 s , f/22
"UW Photographer v/s the Squids"
534 Entries Found: Page 1  of  20