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Our UW photo contest is the longest running and most prestigious online. If you want to make a name for yourself this is THE place to do it.

Just look at some of the internationally acclaimed photographers who have launched their u/w photo careers here over the years.

Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Johannes Felten

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Bon Apetit!
Diver checking out the upper deck of a wreck off the coast of Haifa.
My buddy is checking out his new Gavin scooter. $4500! I told him it's cheaper to take an underwater taxi.
A recently discovered wreck near Haifa.
Damaged hull section of the Scire.
Tec diver on the conning tower of the Scire. The sub was sunk off the coast of Haifa in 1942 by the British "with the loss of all hands" (apparently that's a more delicate way of saying that everyone got killed)
Some sections of this sub appeared almost as abstract formations and the atmosphere was quite eery.
The Scire (pronounced "sheereh"), is badly damaged but some sections still remain in good shape. Quite an amazing wreck to dive on.
The SCIRE, an Italian sub WWII
Bridge section of the Satil, Eilat
Ye'alat, depth 45m.
Inspecting the remains of the bridge of the Satil, Eilat.
"Can I squeeze in here?"
Yolanda Reef, Ras Muhamad, Sinai. The wreck itself, the Yolanda, was driven off the edge of the cliff by strong currents prevailing in the area. The ship was considered lost until it was found on May 26, 2005, at a depth of 145m.
Metal section of a newly discovered wreck near Haifa. A wreck can sometimes yield interesting compositions of its parts without really revealing what those parts actually are.
This is one of a series of shots taken from an, as yet, unidentified wreck found only a month ago at the coast of Haifa. It's some kind of cargo ship and as far as we know these are the first photos ever to have been taken of it.
Bow section of the Yealat, Eilat. Depth 45m (150ft)
Wreck of the Ghiannis D, in Sinai, Red Sea. Good visibility enabled a view of the entire wreck.
Bow section of the Satil, an Israeli Navy ship in Eilat.
Trucks inside the Thistlegorm, standing next to each other, some still have their windows in place.
Seal Play. These South African Cape Fur Seals constantly dive in and out of the water, playing among themselves, within close proximity of the protective kelp forest and also display a vivid curiosity in divers. Dyer Island, South Africa. Nik. V, 15mm.
This South African Cape Fur Seal is checking out the strange creature that has bigger fins, yet moves a lot slower and is less agile than him. Nik. V, 15mm

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Editor's Comment
Interaction and a silhouette double whammy
I had just a fraction of a second to pull my hands, holding the camera, back into the cage before this cutie was almost in my face. This is one of those moments in which I miss a motor winder in my Nikonos V. Dyer island, Gansbaai, South Africa.
Gold Medal Gold Medal 2004
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Editor's Comment
Glad you kept your fingers Johannes!
Baby Seal, taken at Dyer Island, South Africa. The area being Great White territory, this cutie is taking his chances getting munched for breakfast.'s out there! Dyer Island, South Africs
You wait for the shark to get close enough, hope he will turn just a little so he'll fit in nicely into your vertical frame, and press the button. That's it.
DECO STOP. A slightly longer dive than usual required a mandatory deco stop on the way up from the Thistlegorm.

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Editor's Comment
Strong silhouette
52 Entries Found: Page 1  of  2