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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Alexandra Caine

17 Entries Found
One of many, many popcorn shrimp inhabiting an anenome
Dahab, Egypy
Canon G7X MkII, 2x Inon S2000
F10, 1/320, ISO 125
LEmon Damsel with an attempt at a black background
Dahab, Egypt,
F7.1, 1/320, ISO 125 Canon G7X MkII, Inon S2000 strobe
Coral Scorpion fish hiding in hard coral. Shot in Dahab, Egypt with a G7XMkII and 2 x s2000 strobes
Blue spotted Stingray at the base of the reef
Canon G7X MkII in Fantasea Housing, 2 x Inon s2000, F/8, 1/320, ISO 125
Yellow spotted burrfish, taken in Bannerfish Bay,Dahab, Egypt which is part of my house reef.
Taken with a Canon G7X Mk II in a Fantasea housing with 2 x Inon s2000 strobes.
F/4.5, 1/320, ISO 125
Schooling eel catfish
Dahab, Egypt
CAnon G7X MkII, 2 x Inon S2000 strobe,
F/11 1/2000, ISO125
Giant Moray Eel with cleaner fish in it's mouth
Moray Garden, Dahab
F/5.6 1/400 ISO 125
Canon G&X MkII, Fantasea Housing 2 x Inon S2000 strobes
Convex reef crab (?)
F10, SS 1/320 ISO 125
CAnon G7X MkII in Fantasea housing, lit with Inon S2000 strobes (could be one, could be two, the date on the photo is wrong so I don't know if I'd replaced my broken strobe when I took it)
Red Sea Anemone Fish guarding its eggs.
Taken with G7X MkII, Fantasea Housing, 2x Inon S2000
Tiny Pajama Slug on a red finger sponge. I only had my wide angle lens on me so tried to get the shot anyway. I think it kind of worked. Taken using Canon S120, Canon housing, 2x Inon S2000, Inon Wide Angle wet lens
Black Seahorse found in Bannerfish Bay, Dahab.
Another anemone fish shot, taken on a boat trip and mostly just glad I got something good. S120 in Canon housing, Inon UWL-H100 Wide Angle wet lens, 2 x Inon s2000 strobes
Anemone fish protecting its eggs
Scorpion Fish hiding under coral
Turtle with two remoras in the seagrass. Bannerfish Bay, Dahab
CanonS120, Canon housing, Inon UWL_H100,
Anemone partner shrimp. Taken during a fun dive at Moray Garden in Dahab. Taken using a Canon S120 and Canon housing
Porcupine Fish. A Lucky shot as I was swimming along. My breathing disturbed him so I was just glad the shot was in focus
17 Entries Found