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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Roy Spraakman

19 Entries Found
Nudi Branch in coral garden
This Hairy Frog fish image was taken with a Mini flash snoot.
This very young frog fish was about 3mm in length. Difficult shot. Image was taken at Anilao, Philippines
Juvenile Feather Duster Worm (4mm across) located under Edithburgh Jetty(pier) South Australia
Phyllodesmium serratum Located under Port Victoria Jetty.
Rapid Bay Jetty, South Australia
Rapid Bay (leafy Sea Dragon) South Australia has a derelict ship loading jetty. The size and height of the pylons provide a dark marine forest environment.
Anilao, Batangas, Phillipines. Two Stone fish resting. How many are there??
Sitting on whipcoral image taken with Nikon D850, 105mm macro lens, f8, 1/250th, ISO 100, Exp -5
Hipocampus, Pygmy Seahorse on coral fan. Taken off Anilao, Phillipines. Nikon D850, f25, 1/320th, ISO 640, 105mm
Pair of Chromodoris Willani, Anilao, Phillipines.
Nikon D850 in DX mode, 105mm, f36, 1/320th, ISO 100
Muck-diving in Anilao, Philippines. Located this crab nestled in the fronds of the this Sea Pen. This image taken with 105mm lens on Nikon D850 in DX mode.
Great White at South Neptune Islands, South Australia
Gold Medal Gold Medal 2022

Final RoundThrough to 2022 awards final round judging
Giant Australian Cuttlefish taken at Whyalla, South Australia during their annual breeding migration.
Silver Medal Silver Medal 2022

Final RoundThrough to 2022 awards final round judging
Juvenile undescribed Nudi Branch(perhaps Veronica) on pink sponge. Image taken under Port Hughes Jetty, South Australia
This resident of Edithburgh measuring about 5mm is sitting on top edge of a Razor Fish Shell. Nikon D850, 105mm nikon lens, 1/125, f16, ISO100
Carijoa.sp Coral. Prolific on pylons of Port Hughes Jetty, South Australia.
Anemone Coral, found resident about 25 metres inside cave, void of peripheral light. Actual ID would be nice if anyone can assist.
Feeding Nudibranch
19 Entries Found