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Week 32 winner

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by Jeffrey Lim

Ambon scorpionfish in Anilao

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Underwater Photo Contest | Creative - Manipulated (Photoshopped)

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Shots that have been digitally edited outside of the camera for creative reasons (not brightness/contrast etc.) in a program like PhotoShop
Spearing Mantis, Lysiosquillina lisa, Lembeh (background removed in Photoshop)
Underwater Fireworks/Photographed with a Canon 60 mm macro lens at Lembeh, Indonesia and manipulated in Lightroom and Photoshop for effects
"Yellow Ray Fall" Stingrays often conceal themselves under sand, coral heads, or anything they can to hide from predators. This image used the fall aspen leaves to reference how they hide and the name of the animal: The Yellow Stingray.
Purple nudi
"Snapper Fall" part of my Underwater Surrealism body of work. The massive school of these blue stripped snapper resembled the changing leaves of fall.
"Dragon Cave (Leafy Sea Dragon)" part of my Underwater Surrealism body of work
Twirling Moorish Idols/Inverted and twirling added to photograph that also was converted to black-and-white
Parallel Worlds
"Bat Fish Night" part of my Underwater Surrealism body of work. This image is referencing their common name: the Bat Fish.
"Maldivian Orange Tree" part of my Underwater Surrealism body of work. Image is playing off the bright orange color of the Maldivian Clownfish. Like most plants and trees, these fish are endemic, they are only found in the Maldives
"Weedy In the Weed" the Weedy Sea Dragon hides and lives near shore using the weeds for camouflage. The house represents where to find them near shorlines and the thistle references the protection the weeds offer.
"Master Hypnotist" part of my Underwater Surrealism body of work. Cuttlefish "hypnotize" their prey by changing their colors and textures. When they do this, curious fish swim closer and they are ambushed.
Deep cave
The Last look.
Twirling Moorish Idols/Color converted to black-and-white, twirling added, and inverted. Photographed at Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
Box Jellyfish - Morbakka virulenta
Sail Rock, Thailand
Whale Shark - Rhincodon typus
Sail Rock, Thailand
Sargasso at San Nicolas/Photographed with a Tokina 10-17 mm fisheye lens at San Carlos, Mexico.
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Giant Manta/Photographed at Bora Bora.
"Hide and Seek" The Great Hammerhead shark's favorite food is stingray. Stingrays try to counter this by hiding under the sand, but the hammerheads can sense the electrical signals emitting from their bodies.
moonstruck - lunar eclipse
Macro Photographer/This is a double exposure of an anemone from Anilao with a photo of me from Cabo San Lucas.
Underwater Fireworks. This is a group of fire urchins, and originally, a very plain shot. I adjusted the highlights, vibrance, and saturation, and rotated it 90 degrees. All done in Lightroom, not Photoshop.
2688 Entries Found: Page 4  of  100