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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Micronesia

689 Entries Found: Page 6  of  26
Wreck of the Laura Marie on Yap Island.
Puffer Fish sleeping at the wreck
Model and blacktip reef shark; Model: Ursula; Nikon D3, Zoom f2.8/14-24 mm, Seacam housing, two strobes Seacam 150 Digital
Model and Manta; Model: Ursula; Nikon D3, Zoom f2.8/14-24 mm, Seacam housing, two strobes Seacam 150 Digital
half-and-half photo (split shot) of reef sharks; Nikon D3, Nikkor f 2.8/14-24mm Zoom, Seacam housing, two Seacam flash Digital 150, all settings manual
Half and half photo (Half-and-half, split shot) of reef sharks
Coral Waterfall. King-posts, Sankisan Maru.
Canon 30D, 15mm
Bulldozer in the cargo holds of the Hoki Maru
Canon 30D, 15mm
Corals covering davit of the Sankisan Maru
Canon 30D, 15mm Fisheye
On the bridge,Kansho Maru, Chuuk (Truk ) Lagoon
Beautiful tree coral growths on the Fujikawa Maru,Chuuk ( Truk) Lagoon
Dog Faced Pufferfish, Chuuk Lagoon
Last look at the Rio de Janeiro Maru, Chuuk
A 'splash' of colour, Chuuk Lagoon
Scenic, Chuuk Lagoon, Beautiful Growth on one of many shipwrecks in the Lagoon.
Long Armed Prawn, Chuuk Lagoon
after molting, this shrimp started swimming around. a perfect model...
'In your face' Curious soldierfish, Chuuk Lagoon
Also the night dives in Chuuk bear some nice surprises
Close up, Soft Coral, Chuuk Lagoon-Night Dive
Spirit of the Lagoon, Chuuk (Truk)
Diver/photographer swims along the port bow of the Fujikawa Maru, covered by marine growth.
lines and color
Engine room exploration, Kanshu Maru, Truk Lagoon
Anemone with Clownfish. Image digitally edited with Lightroom 4
Diver exits Truk Lagoon wreck.
Artifacts of War. Diver prepares to photograph items on wreck in Truk Lagoon.
689 Entries Found: Page 6  of  26

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