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by Jeffrey Lim

Ambon scorpionfish in Anilao

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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Don Bruschera

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Harbor seal enjoys the winter sun, resting after a night of foraging in Monterey Bay. Photo taken in Elkhorn slough, California.
Watched this California Sea Otter dive repeatedly. He finally surfaced with a big juicy clam. Shot in the harbor at Moss Landing, California.
Space is tight! California Sea Lions crowd a dock in the harbor at Moss Beach, California Coast.

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Editor's Comment
stack 'em up!
Marine mammals are always a challenge to photograph. Shot topside from a boat, in this photo a sea otter female shares a crab with her pup.
Part of the Galapagos adventure is snorkeling with penguins. This shot was taken with an underwater camera at the surface. The birds are easier to approach when they are out of the water and looking down at you.
Young male elephant seals during molting season are having a discussion over space. Elephant seals spend 80% of their lives at sea. They come out of the water to breed, give birth and molt.
Shot this in the Galapagos near the surface. Didn't expect to see angelfish exhibit this schooling behavior
The Galapagos Islands offer many photographic opportunities.
Spinner dolphins play with floating material. The dolphin in the rear is especially talented with one leaf on his pectoral fin and one balanced on his nose. Shot off the Kona Coast.
Elephant seals get amorous. Taken at Ano Neuvo State Beach, California.
An Osprey fishes the coastline at Drakes Bay, Point Reyes National Seashore, California. Bird photography is a different ballgame but hey, there's a fish in the photo.
Spinner dolphins rest and play in the quiet bays of the Kona coast, Hawaii.
During the Australian winter Minke whales congregate near the far northern Great Barrier Reef. This animal displays unusual behavior-checking out snorkelers upside down.
Minke whale-Up close and personal. Taken near ribbon reef #10, The Great Barier Reef.
Spotted scorpionfish. Shot in shallow water. Only a slight movement gave this guy away.
Seconds before impact, an Orca attacks a sea lion pup at the shoreline. This shot was taken in Patagonia at Punta Norte, Argentina.
Orcas in Argentina have learned the tactic of beaching themselves in pursuit of sea lion pups. This shot was taken at Punta Norte, Valdes Peninsula, Patagonia.

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
Chomp! Chomp! mind you toes when taking this one Don...
Shot snorkeling on 'second reef'- Lady Elliot Island, Australia.
Great light and texture. Pin cushion starfish- Mounu Island, Tonga
Female humpback and calf, shot snorneling in Vava'u, Kingdom of Tonga
Dive boat shot from inside the wreck of the Saponna, Bimini
Lion fish-shot snorkeling with late afternoon light. Isle St. Marie, Madagascar
Spinner dolphins taken in La Perouse Bay, Maui. Dolphin in foreground is playing with the seaweed on his flipper. Shot snorkeling.
A group of Atlantic spotted Dolphins off of Bimini
Curious angelfish. Shot free-diving with Olympus 750 and PT-018 housing. Shot was taken near Bimini, the Bahamas.
Green turtle taken off Lady Elliot Island, Australia
These are wild long-beaked spiiner dolphins. The shot was taken snorkeling in a small bay on the Kona side of the big island of Hawaii. I used an Olympus 750 digital camera with an Olympus underwater housing.
27 Entries Found