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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Natasha Tate

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Lighthouse Sunrise in Exmouth overlooking the Bay
Juvenile Red Tailed Tropic Bird still in its nest. They next on the beach at the Rowley Shoals in next to no shelter from the sun or elements.
A pod of dolphins joined us for the boat ride to the islands.
Im hiding, you can not see me....
Schooling flags at the Rowley Shoals, lovely clear blue water over there.
Cute pair of fishes, not sure of there name. Taken at Bundegi Reef in Exmouth.
A pretty little Nudi
View of the passage going out of Clerke Reef at the Rowley Shoals. Perfect weather!!!

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
Don't you just love the way a fisheye lens bends lines
Its a tight fit. Schooling baitfish.
Pretty Soft Corals
What impresses you the most the potato cod or the set of cameras??? :P
This Giant Trevaly followed us for the duration of our dive. He kept coming in and swimming right past us. I estimated that he was over a meter long.
Hermit Crab on a night dive. Taken with a Sony 828 and D200 Strobe
Potato Cod at Cod Hole, Rowley Shoals.
Tiger Cowrie with its mantle out on a night dive at the Rowley Shoals.
Western Blue Devil, taken at African Reef, Geraldton. They are a magnificent blue.
I have submitted my big ray photo in remberence of Steve Irwin. Taken to early, may his legacy live on. RIP.
Gorgonia at the Rowley Shoals, had no idea it was yellow until I got my film developed.
Clarkes Clown with anemone at Abrolhos Islands.
Never to young to start blowing bubbles!!
This is Jasper 9 months with his dad in the pool.

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
Hey Jasper, are you going to be an underwater photographer when you grow up?
Painted Cray out and about, Bundegi reef, Exmouth. MX10 Wide Angle & Strobe.
Looks almost painted. Blizard ridge, Exmouth.
Mantis Shrimp, Blizard Ridge, Exmouth. Sea & Sea MX10 & strobe
Boxfish taken at Exmouth
This looks like it could be a man eating cod, but really just a bit of fun in photoshop.
This is a cannon of the Batavia wreck at the Abrolhos Islands, wrecked 1629. Seems like a real pirate ship when theres cannons but it actually traded in spices.
I found this prehistoric sharks tooth about 4km from the ocean embedded in rock on the cape in Exmouth in 1991. Needless to say I dont want to meet the rest of this creature. Its one large tooth.
40 Entries Found: Page 1  of  2