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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By J. Daniel Horovatin

193 Entries Found: Page 1  of  8
Anemone shrimp
goby with shrimp
spotted cowrie next 3/16" diam. pointer
emperor shrimp on sea cucumber
golden mantis shrimp
cyerce elegans nudibranch
tiny crab that I have not been able to identify.
green pipehorse
ornate sapsucking slug
pink frogfish
Goby with shrimp
nudibranch lighted with a a snoot
harlequin shrimp
A spinyhead blenny look for its lunch
Redlip blenny peering around coral mound.
Spotted cleaner shrimp
Spinyhead blennie peering out of its wormhole abode.
Broad banded shrimp goby with blind shrimp
Candy crab
Dancing fire dartfish gobies
Nudibranch with eggs, chromodoris coi
Decorator crab well camouflaged.
hairy squat lobster defending its turf
Lissocarcinus, this commensal crab generally hangs out around its host tube anemone
Nudibranch, nembrotha ?? Help me out, looks like nembrotha but for the blue colour
nudibranch (halgerda stricklandi)
193 Entries Found: Page 1  of  8