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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Yves Antoniazzo

314 Entries Found: Page 1  of  12
Red it is ........Fuji S5 pro/105VR+UCL
Nudi mug shot........Fuji S5 pro/105VR + UCL
Face to face Fujo S5 Pro/105 VR
Say O for me please !!!!!.................Fuji S5 pro/105VR
Black and white dameselle Fuji S5 pro/105 VR
Mantis eye close-up + A bit of croping in photoshop Fuji S5 pro/105 VR
Dumbo of the seas D200/105 VR
Home sweet home Fuji S5 pro/105 VR
Look of surprise on that clown fish face D200 /60mm
Classic Colman shrimps couple for me today D200/105 VR
The futur generation is on is way if ......???? Nikon D200/105VR
Time to wake-up yet ???...............Fuji S5 pro/60mm
Smile !!!!...... you are in my camera Fuji S5 pro/60mm
Juvenile tallfin grouper Fuji S5 pro/105 VR
Giant mantis shrimp eyes shot during night dive in Lembeh nudi fall dive site Canon 350D/Sigma 70mm
Emperor shrimp on sea cucumber I love those guys Canon 350D/Sigma 70mm
Feeding clownfish my first witnessing of that event, cool in fact very cool to see ;-) Fuji S5 pro/105 VR
Yum yum that was good !!!..... Canon 350D/70mm
The wolf Nikon D200/105 VR
Another clownfish for me this time FujiS5 pro/105 VR twin Inon Z 240
Portrait of a white giant frogfish, in fact it was rather small for a giant somtingh like 7cm en lengt 350D/70mm
My only decent angelfish shot Fuji S5 pro/60mm
Twist and turn D200/105VR
ss cute these clownfrogies they look almost like underwater toys 350D/70mm
Just for the contrast Fuji S5 pro/105 VR
A clasic portrait of a peacock mantis shrimp for me today also from Koh Lipe Thailand Fuji S5 pro/105 VR
The cutest wartty frogfish so far, picture taken in Koh Lipe, Thailand with Fuji S5 pro/105VR
314 Entries Found: Page 1  of  12