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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Skinonimus Uw

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um el froud
Poseidon MK6 Diving
A barge at 45(msw) Haifa bay, Israel
Diver Portrait
B&W Diver
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Basic skills click here
) <)))" <
bfb haifa bay wreck diving click here skinonimus uw
Turkish merchant ship at 12(msw)
r. msg scire ww2 italian sub 36(msw) haifa, israel
Jaffa Egyptian Merchant Steamer at 7(msw)
Divers on the R. Smg. Scire, (32msw)
R. Smg. Scire'
Free diver.
A Pilot boat lying intact at 55(msw) is what we found in Haifa bay on 10/07/2006.
IDx divers on asignment. Searching for the remains of an Airforce Jet lost some 45 years ago in the Sea of Galilee (Lake Tiberias)
A diver running his gavin scooter in the bay of Haifa.
R. Smg. Scire, WW2 Italian Uboat lies at 34 meters in the bay of Haifa.
While on inland water bodies exploration with IDx a scooter’s skeleton taken in a flooded query turned lake and situated in the northern Jordan River region.
R.Smg. Scire WWII Italian sub

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
I thought it was a motorcycle at first. How the sea tames man-made objects...
Buzzing the Dogruyollar Istambul
Experimenting with low visibility.
IDx diver wreck diving in Ashdod, Israel.
R. Smg Scire' WW2 Italian Sub.
R. Smg. Scire' WW2 Italian Sub.
Father & Son
Lionfish taken at night in Sharem el sheik Egypt.
59 Entries Found: Page 1  of  3