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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Allan Vandeford

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Diver at Randy's Gazebo,Little Cayman.
Friendly Grouper at Randy's Gazebo, Little Cayman.
Seascape at Randy's Gazebo, Little Cayman.
Standing on the sandy flats adjacent to the Russian Destroyer off Cayman Brac. Most fantastic day in years with dead calm water and visibility near 200 feet, WOW!
Exceptional color at Coral Corner in Fiji. Image taken w/ Canon 5D in an Aquatica housing and Canon 16-35mm wide angle lens.
Image taken at Coral Corner w/ Canon 5D in an Aquatica housing and Canon 16-35 mm wide angle - 31 mm at f2.8.
Coral Reef on the third day of our late September, 2010 visit. Canon 5D w/ 16-35mm telephoto in an Aquatica housing.
Image from Samu Reef, Fiji on the second day of the trip onSept. 26, 2010. Canon 5D w/ 16-25 mm wide angle in an Aquatica housing.
Fantasy of flight.
Manta night dive near Kailua Kona Int'l Airport from Kona Aggressor. We were graced with twelve mantas on his evening.
Frogfish performing a power-stretch in heavy surge near Kailua Kona, Hawaii.
Young future-diver with canoe in tow. The image was taken during a visit to the Russell Island group aboard Bilikiki.
Wakatobi takes pride in conservation and protection efforts. Here is an image of Denise's Pygmy Seahorse found on the Wakatobi "house reef." Image taken with a Canon 5D and Canon 100mm macro lens and Tamron 2x teleconverter.
I sited this Mantis Shrimp scurrying across the sand near Magic Pier in Buton, South Sulawesi. He dove into his hole turned and posed for several minutes.
I had just taken a photo of a nudi when I looked down and much to my surprise found this beauty draping its head across my knee.
Eye to eye with the elegance and grace of the black mantas of Revillagigedos (Socorro) Islands. Image taken at El Boiler divesite off San Benedicto Island at a depth of approx. 30 feet.
Colorful Toby found at Asphalt Pier in Buton, South Sulawesi.
The Pelagian liveaboard seen from shore at Wakatobi Resort with Sawa Island in the background.
Detail image of the Papuan Scorpionfish. Several were observed around Wangi Wangi, Hoga and Karang Kaledupa.
A view of the strikingly healthy coral life at approximately 30 ft on Blade divesite of Karang Kaledupa, near Wakatobi Resort.
While diving in the Solomon Islands we are often visited by the beautiful and inquisitive children in their tiny dugout canoes. Their blonde and red hair along with the rich dark skin make their appearance curiously striking.
Carpet or Crocodile Flathead? You be the judge. Image taken near Magic Pier, Buton, South Sulawesi. The crocodile flatheads in this area seemed to have more prevalent blue pattern than others I have visited.
Night dive at Magic Pier, Buton, South Sulawesi. The colorful Rigid Shrimpfish were continually in our lense while we attempted to photograph the elusive Mandarin Dragonet.
The staff returns a dive vessel at days end. The sunset views from the Jetty Dropoff Bar at Wakatobi Resort remain a fond memory of our visit.
Speckled Sandperch. While diving from Pelagian off the coast of Wangi Wangi we encountered many of these little guys. Mostly found in rubble or on the sandy bottom they are very skiddish and thereby difficult to photograph this close.
Image taken at San Benedicto Island in the Revillagigedos Archipelago from the Solmar V liveaboard. The divesite was El Boiler.
Black Tipped Reef Shark encounted at Tapu divesite off Bora Bora.
75 Entries Found: Page 1  of  3