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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Leigh Chapman

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Frogish CPR? Or domestic quarrel? Nikon D200. Tasik Ria
Sweetlips. Spazzed out as usual. Nikon D200.
Octopus. Got the shot just before he could go camo. Nikon D200.
Chromodoris nudie. Tasik Ria. Nikon D200
Bicolor Parrotfish
Male ribbon eel. Kapalai, Borneo. Nikon D200
Soft coral crab. 2008. Nikon D200. Note: I was not in Brunei, I was in Borneo. But Borneo isn't on the list.
Flalmboyant cuttlefish. Lembeh. Nikon D200
Nudie. Lembeh. Nikon D200.
Mombasa lionfish. Lembeh. Nikon D200.
Scorpion leaf fish. Nikon D200. Bunaken.
Lysioquilla mantis. Lembeh. Nikon D200. This species rarely emerges from its burrow.
Helmut Gunard. Lembeh. Nikon D200.
Local Medical Examiner (Harlequin shrimp) begins investigating the crime scene. Nikon D200. Bunaken.
Banggai Cardinalfish. Native to Banggai Island and Lembeh Straits. Nikdon D200. Lembeh.
For this blenny, Home Sweet Home is a green bottle. Bunaken. Nikon D200.
Orbicular Burrfish. Bunaken. Nikon D200.
Halgerda Carlsoni nudibranch. Bunaken. Indonesia. Nikon D200
Female ornate ghost pipefish. Bunaken. Nikon D200.
Hairy frogfish. Lembeh. Nikon D200.
Closeup on Trumpetfish. Lembeh. Nikon D200. 105mm lens.
Tiny fish on "Sailor's Eye" in crevice of sponge. Hard to believe that this round, shiny object, which has markings that look (to me) like a map of the planet earth, is a single-cell organism. Nikon D200. Bunaken, Indonesia.
Seahorse. Lembeh. Nikon D200.
Spiny Thorn Devilfish. Lembeh. Nikon D200/
Damselfish cruising past giant clam. Bunaken. Indonesia. Nikon D200.
Mantis shrimp. Lembeh. Nikon D200. 105mm lens.
Crab transporting a fire urchin on its back. U/W version of Bekins. Nikon D200.
66 Entries Found: Page 1  of  3