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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Dallas Poore

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It's always fun playing peek-a-boo with orange Garibaldi's during California dives... Depth: 20' Equip: 5D MkII w/ 15mm f/2.8 / Ikelite housing & DS-51 strobe. Photo was cropped from a fisheye photo...
Diver Laura Poore with a giant black sea bass. We estimated its size at about 300 pounds and it reminded me of an underwater Saint Bernard...only bigger... Canon 350D/20mm f/2.8 w/ Ikelite DS-125 strobe.
Angry Nemo - Canon 350D/20mm/Ike DS-125 X 2/HID Light Cannon 100. Taken in Fiji last week.
Painted greenling having a siesta on a starfish in La Bufadora, MX. Canon 350D/60mm/Ikelite DS-125/HID Light Cannon 100.
Sea urchin macro - looks dangerous, no? Photo taken in La Bufadora, MX. Canon 350D/60mm/Ikelite DS-125/HID Light Cannon 100.
Yellow Dorid (I think) nudibranch. Photo taken in La Bufadora, MX w/ Canon 350D/60mm lens/Ikelite DS-125 strobe/HID Light Cannon 100.
Spanish Shawl Nudibranch - La Bufadora, MX. Canon 350D, 60mm lens, Ike DS-125 strobe, HID Light Cannon 100. Shot in strong current while holding on for dear life trying to get the shot smile
Spanish shawl nudibranch. Photo taken in La Bufadora, Mexico. Canon 350D 60mm w/ Ike DS-125 strobe & HID Light Cannon 100.
A starfish holding on for his life (to kelp) during some significant current in La Bufadora, Mexico. Canon 350D w/ 60mm lens, Ikelite housing w/ Ike DS-125 strobe and HID Light Cannon 100. I laughed underwater - he looks a bit human, doesn't he?
Eyeball Urchin - Anyone know the real name for this thing? Taken in an underwater junkyard where all the boats going out drop their garbage. Tragic... Canon 350D w/ Ikelite DS-125 strobe and 20mm lens.
"Telling Secrets" - taken in the Sea of Cortez, Baja California, MX. Canon Rebel XT w/Ikelite DS-125 strobe and 60mm/f2.8 lens.
School of fish in La Jolla, California. Taken with a Canon Digital Rebel XT w/ two strobes and use of available ambient light.
I photographed this porthole on the sunken Ruby E (80 ft) - just for fun I threw another one of my images into the mix to see how it would turn out. Perhaps a similar view was once seen out the same window long ago?. My first fantasy attempt.....
"Starfish Sex" - photo taken with a Canon Rebel XT w/ 20mm f/2.8 & Ikelite DS-125 strobe in TTL mode. Taken in La Bufadora, Mexico.
Blue banded goby seeking protection from a sea urchin. Catalina Island, CA. Taken on April Fool's Day.
Flying Gurnard on a muck dive at night.
One of many, many pieces of garbage my wife and I have found off the coast of California. Sad that people aren't more careful with our underwater friends...
My lovely wife, Laura, modeling next to the Mahi Destroyer off Oahu, HI.
Crystal Cove - Orange County, CA.
Ground squirrel chowing down on top of a cliff overlooking the Pacific.
Juvenile Orange Garibaldi - the California state fish.
Kelp strand in natural light. La Jolla, CA.
Oahu, HI.
Guitarfish hiding in the sand. La Jolla, CA.
My "angelic" wife, Laura posing for a natural light shot. La Jolla, CA.
Nudibranch - friendly little guy... Taken in La Jolla, CA yesterday.
Sea Urchin - Shaw's Cove, CA.
52 Entries Found: Page 1  of  2