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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Brad Cox

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Open Wide Coral Cod and cleaner shrimp. Bali Olympus 7070.
OH YEAH......Thats it ...just there OH YEAH.... Seraya Tulamben BALI Olympus 7070
Double trouble ..... twin Harlequin Shrimp Bali Olympus 7070
Oh My what big teeth you have Morey Bali Olympus 7070
Wierd ..... The MOLA MOLA Nusa Penida BALI Olympus 7070 Inon WAL & Dome
HELLO THERE ...... anemone fish Bali Full frame Olympus 7070
NASTY ..... Barracuda Bali Olympus 7070
I know ....NO MORE PYGMIES ..... had to put this one in. Tulamben Bali 2006 Olympus 7070
OPEN WIDE Coral Cod with cleaner shrimp doing their best Olympus 7070 Bali Tulamben
Zeno Crab - With some sort of little sea lice or bug. Tulamben Bali
Nemo ....... looking after baby nemo's ..... Anenome fish eggs under an anenome. Watched these guys for a little while and wondered why they kept returning too the same place on the anenome, upon closer inspection I realised they had eggs there.
Cute Face Dendro' Crab Tulamben Bali
Small goby and Shell on Soft coral Bali
NO NEMO dont go to the boat ........
Snapper at Coral Bay Western Australia, this is only 10 meters from the beach and only 100m from the resort.
deserted beach western Australian coast Cuttlefish Shell. 15 sec time lapse
Snapper of Coral Bay Western Australia
Not quite sure what these two Bailer shells were up to but I have my suspicions, i maust have interuped them. The smaller of the 2( the male ?)almost ran off and had a definate skip in his step. Lefroy Bay Ningaloo Western Australia
Taking photos ...... another diver with the same image??
Puffer Fish One Mile Jetty Cvon
White tip reef shark at Navy Pier Exmouth
Long nose hawk fish Bali
and a nother yawning frog fish
Dave this one has 2 nippers ,love these little guys , interesting with what he is eating.
the heavy weights of the ocean shaping up. This shrimp and crab were arguing on the back of this Holuthrum(sea slug)
Good old Nudi..... Bali
Frog fish One Mile Jetty Carnarvon Western Australia
96 Entries Found: Page 1  of  4