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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Paul Holota

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A very cooperative seahorse off of Cayman Brac. Canon 400D. 100mm.
There were three seahorses together. The orange one was very cooperative and I was able to get some nice shots. Canon 400D 100mm.
Found this little guy at the end of my dive. Canon 400D 100mm.
A blenny upclose. Cayman Brac. Canon 400D 100mm + 250D.
An Orange Bulb Coralliform. One of its tentacles is gripping a sea urchin spine. Bonaire. Canon 400D 100mm.
I was shooting another creature when I found this seahorse peeking out at me...a nice surprise. Cozumel. Canon 400D 100mm.
An unusal pair. Goliath grouper and Green moray eel buddies. Cozumel. Canon 400D 10-22mm.
A Reef Octo out in the daytime. Cozumel. Canon 400D 10-22mm.
I had to lie in the sand, hold my breath, not move, and wait to get this shot. Mantis shrimp are very fast and very shy. Cozumel. Canon 400D 100mm.
An Arrow crab feeds itself. Cozumel. Canon 400D 100mm.
The ubiquitous Arrow crab. Cozumel. Canon 400D 100mm.
A Hawksbill turtle swims with a school of Southern Sennet. Cozumel. Canon 400D 10-22mm.
A nice sized seahorse in Cozumel. Canon 400D 100mm.
Queen Angel posing. Cozumel. Canon 400D 100mm.
Frogfish face. Bonaire. Canon 400D 100mm.
The fluorescent eyes of a Peppermint goby. Bonaire. Canon 400D 100mm.
Pedersen's cleaner shrimp riding on an anemone. Bonaire. Canon 400D 100mm.
Feathers of a feather duster. One side angles up and the other down. Bonaire. Canon 100mm.
Ambon Cleaner Shrimp. Bonaire. Canon XTi 100mm.
Christina gets up close to a hermit crab. Cozumel. Canon XTi 10-22mm.
Look into my eyes! Peppermint shrimp. Bonaire. Canon XTi 100mm.
Diver descends. Cozumel. Canon XTi 10-22mm.
A Secretary Blenny comes out of it's hole to greet me. Bonaire. Canon XTi 100mm.
Coral polyps feeding at night. Bonaire. Canon XTi 100mm.
Fine detail of a Spiral-gilled worm. Bonaire. Canon XTi 100mm.
A Banded Coral shrimp's well armored body protects it from predators. Bonaire. Canon XTi 100mm.
Peppermint Shrimp. Bonaire. Canon XTi 100mm.
59 Entries Found: Page 1  of  3