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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Rob Spray

22 Entries Found
Ready to pounce! I'd be happy to be told what this fish is, some kind of goby I suppose. Taken with a Canon S70, Y60 flash manual exposure.
These Chromodoris Kunei slugs are my 2nd favourites... Taken using Dawn's Canon S70 using manual exposure with an external YS60 strobe triggered by a Matthiau Heinrich adaptor.
Slipper (or spanish) lobster near Crocodile Rock on Gozo
I can see your knickers! Two nudibranches play follow my leader.
Cartoon nudibranch grazing on a wall.
Ornate ghost pipefish with soft coral, quite a good disguise really...
Ghostly looking Mantis shrimp in its burrow
Very shy Tiger tailed sea horse spotted just as we started to go into deco.
Close encounters of the third kind... Taken on the safety stop after a night dive. Not really fiddled with, apart from removing annoying specks from the background.

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
Jellies are always a popular subject and a gift on the deco stop
Argh! Tubularia indivisa is dramatically brought down by the mighty Flabellina pedata - think of it as a very tiny zebra and lion in slow motion...
Close up on part of a school of bait fish off Gozo, using external epoque strobes.
A racing slug! Nudibranch from Manado. With an Olympus 5060 and Epoque strobe
Tiny cuttlefish, just the size of a pea playing on the algae in a shallow bay.
Tompot blenny off the South Coast of England. He made a good 'Rudolph' for our Xmas cards!
Stiff breeze! Flabellina nudibranch at Comino caves near Gozo
Shiny! Close up of a baitfish off Bunaken, Manado
Cute pair of skunk anemone fish on a Bunaken dive site.
Nice pair of long nosed hawkfish on a ledge
Angry octopus caught on a night dive at Mgarr Ix Xini on Gozo.
Moray which hasn't got round to brushing its teeth after a meal, there are scales impaled on them!
Close up of anemone tentacles off Bunaken Island
Two picasso fish spotted whilst snorkelling off the hotel beach on the last day of a trip to Sharm el Sheikh.
22 Entries Found