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by Marko Perisic


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by Massimo Giorgetta

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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Alp Baranok

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Feeding below surface
Eggs of rapana venosa backlited
The best meditaiton is underwater
Hello! I am the skeleton shrimp! I'm here, on top!
Uluabat lake Golyazi/Bursa
Bronze Medal Bronze Medal 2014
3rd place Monthly HotShots
Final RoundThrough to 2014 awards final round judging

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
True art.
Ready to take-off
Holly lights underwater
Feeding time
Underwater bokeh
What are you looking at?
Seahorse with a skeleton shrimp on the head
Seahorse from Degirmendere/İzmit/Turkey
Face to face
Dakota C-47 airplane wreck Bodrum/Turkey
Gold Medal Gold Medal 2014

Final RoundThrough to 2014 awards final round judging
Seahorse from Degirmendere/Izmit
Jellyfish from Neandros island of Istanbul.
From Degirmendere / Izmit
Lake @ Sakaryabasi / Eskisehir / Turkey
From Sakaryabasi /Eskisehir
Seahorse from Marmara Sea of Turkey.
Flabellina from Bodrum / Turkey
From Sakaryabasi/Eskisehir
Butterfly blenny
Cockpit of C-47 Dakota plane wreck in Bodrum/Turkey
Runner Up - worthy of note but not a medal winner - an equal 4th place if you like! Runner Up 2013

Final RoundThrough to 2013 awards final round judging
92 Entries Found: Page 1  of  4