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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Damien Preston

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Lembeh Strait. Found this large Frog Fish hanging onto a sponge waiting for early morning breakfast.
Dot to Dot, USAT Liberty Wreck. There was a pair of these nudis in the same vacinity however they were in under a ledge i could only get one in the photo.
Hide and Seek, Sipadan Island. The hawk Fish is a difficult subject, this one just wouldn't settle for long subsequentlty a lot of blurred photos.
Pucker Up, Normally these fish aren't that photogenic,however this one had no place to go but straight at me.
Bumble Bug, Coral Garden Tulamben Bali, Olympus C5050. Found this chubby shrimp trying to wrap itself in the anenome's skin like a blanket for the night.
Playfull Batfish, 1 Mile Jetty Carnarvon Western Australia, Visability on average 4-7metres. 4 playfull Batfish swam out of the gloom and followed us about for 30 minutes.
"Lanky Legs" Diving Seraya at Tulamben went down a bit deeper found a patch of feather stars and out walked this unusual shrimp with very long blue legs. Its head had two large sugar scoop type appendages. very unusual.
"On the Vine" Large hanging soft coral on the USAT Liberty Tulamben. Lots of hidden little suprises, Anthias, Crabs, Cooral Cod. A real spectacle of colour.
"Armed and Ready" Was diving the UASAT Liberty in Tulamben and found this Nudi (20mm) in the Hold. It has some similarities to Flabellinas however on closer inspection has a long filament foot ending with anenome type structures on the Cerata. ??
"Greetings Earthling" Olympus C5050/InonD180 Strobe. Was diving at Alam Anda Tulamben and this inquisitive cuttle fish started to light up with a caliedescope of colours and waving its arms. Truly mesmerizing. Could watch them for ages.
"Hypnotic" This small Lion Fish swam underneath me at a rate of knots then slowed and splayed out its pectoral fins, as it was moving it made the circular pattern swirl. Made a great contrast to the Black Volcanic sand of Lembeh Straight. C5050/Iflas
"Loaded Spring" Everytime I tried to take a photo of this little Hawkfish it would raise it fins then lower them in a split second and shoot of in a different direction. Olympus C5050, Inon D-180 Strobe
"Peas in a Pod" When I swam over the top of a hole one head popped up then a second. All lit up and the mesmerising sway, I thought they were going to get tangled at one stage. Olympus C5050, Inon D-180 Strobe.
"Sponge Flare" When i first took this shot it I didn't think the Lion Fish blended in that well at a later viewing the red of the fish and pink sponge seemed to meld into one, so I decided to add some colour.
"Golden Eye" I was looking at some shrimp under a ledge when this ray popped its head out. It didn't seemed perturbed that I was so close and I think it scrubbed up for the occassion as the colours of blue and gold were intense.
"Nudi Ball" On one the first dives on the 1 Mile Jetty in Carnarvon after the water had settled, Nudis Everywhere!!. I counted twenty on this one small clump at the base of a pylon.
"Lumpy" This nudi was in the shallow's at Tulumben, a great contrast to the black volcanic sand.
I dont know what sort of fish this is, it has some similar features to a dragonnet with its pert lips and extended eyes. This photo was taken at the 1 Mile Jetty in Carnarvon W.A, and the specimen was about 2cm long and very mobile. Only one in focus
"Big Dog" Normally the last dive of the day was done at the Police Jetty at Sipadan Island. This Napolean Wrasse was very freindly and followed us throughout the dive getting a bubble massage as it swam above us.
"Into the Blue" At Staghorn Crest Sipadan Island all the turtles seemed to hug the reef wall. This one swam straight at me then overhead and continued out until it disappeared into open ocean.
"Tricky Path" Whilst diving around the Liberty Wreck in Tulamben, noticed this shrimp negotiating its way through the anemone. It almost looked like it had a drunks swagger with 6 left legs.
"Promenade Deck" Whilst penetrating the hull of the S.S President Coolidge looking up to the Promenade Deck. This was one of a number of dives done on the wreck.
"Solar" I like what appears to be an internal luminescence of some of these anemone's. It highlights the fine detail.
"Who Me!" Just set myself up to shoot this Scorpion Fish head on and it yawned just after i pressed the shutter, nothing happened !!in my eagerness I hadn't turned the strobe on. I waited for some time for a repeat with no success.
"White Scorpion" The Tube Sponge that the Scorpion Fish was lying on was white (Without Strobe) so it was difficult to spot. Taken with Olympus C5050, Inon D180 Strobe.
"The Caves" This dive site situated about 20km North of Cape Cuvier, like a few of the dive's in this area requires carrying all your gear in. Your Mad/Crazy are some terms used to describe the ones who attempt this.
"Orange Peel" Spent a great day up at Cape Cuvier, found a couple of these orange starfish, a great contrast to the reef.
31 Entries Found: Page 1  of  2