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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Rick Ouellette

10 Entries Found
Pair of flamingo tongue nudibranchs stretching out.
Just keep swimming,swimming,swimming.
Spotted Moray eel Taking a sneak peek at the visiting alien from above.
It was the start of our Aggressor live-a-board in Palau,Micronesia. Our first dive was at Lions fish rock and we saw this beautifull anemone and anemone fish. little did we know that this was the start of a surreal week of diving.
The Rock Islands in Micronesia as seen from the air.The Islands are made up of Limestone so they slowly erode over the years. What a beatifull country with fantasic and friendly people and diving that is out of this world.
Runner Up - worthy of note but not a medal winner - an equal 4th place if you like! Runner Up 2009
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Final RoundThrough to 2009 awards final round judging

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
nice 'wish you were here' shot Rick
2 beautifull Nudibranchs in Yap Micronesia.Some of the Nudibranchs were more colorfull than the fish.Always the best subjects for posing for pictures.
We were underwater at about 45ft. at a cleaning station waiting for what seemed forever. Then after 40 minutes out of the blue comes this huge Manta flying gracefully overhead. This was the first Manta we had ever seen and Wow! what a beauty.
Beautifull Anemone and host fish. What a great place Palau is and I can't wait to return.
Beautifull but deadly stonefish waiting in camo to ambush it's prey. came upon this fish at 65ft on a wall in Ulong Chanell in Palau,Micronesia.
Port Hardy Brown Irish Lord.Olympus SP500-UZ in an Ikelite Housing with a Sea& Sea YS90Dx strobe.
10 Entries Found