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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Ramón Domínguez

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Barrel sponge spawning
Grey Whale, Sea of Cortéz. That day my plan was diving without the camera, i end with the camera in my hands only because of a last minute change in the plan. I never dive without my camera again.
Silky shark swimming at night around the boat.
Stairway to heaven. A magic view of the hydroxide sulfur cloud found 90 feet deep at The Pit cenote, in the Riviera Maya.
Face to face. A big sea turtle analizes the strange subject
Giant manta at San Benedicto island
Carey turtle among angels
Just two divers...

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
OK sometimes you can get away with looking down on a subject! well shot Ramón
A school of colorful Porkfish
Carey turtle swimming along with my friend.
Diana with bullsharks.
A specie of mobula, also known as flying manta. I bet you can tell why.
Beautiful, even when death. Green turtle found its end in a shipwreck net.
Sun rays entering "El Pit", a bautiful cenote in the Riviera Maya
Calf of a Grey Whale at Cabo Pulmo
School of cownose rays at Cabo Pulmo marine park
Beautiful coral reef landscape at Cabo Pulmo Marine Park, the only living coral reef in the Sea of Cortez.
Bat Ray resting on the sand.
White tip reef shark duo.
Flying first class. Remora leaving it´s host for a second. When you are travelling fast and need to leave your seat for a moment, you need to be as fast as your transport if you don´t want to be left behind.
Sad view of one of the nicest sharks. A young silvertip shark with a fishermans hook in it´s mouth. He was lucky this time.
School of goatfish performing the upside down - reddish dance, necesary to be cleaned by the barberfish.
Big Eye Scad herd. This fish perform beutiful baitballs, right in the tip of Baja California.
Silversides soup.
It´s always nice to find a school of silversides in shallow reefs.
Female sea lion flirting. Sea of C> ortéz.
Sleeping with the enemy.
Apparently this lobster does not know, that supposedly she is included in the diet of the white tip reef shark next to her.
Sea turtle Silhouette. Sea of Cortéz.
100 Entries Found: Page 1  of  4