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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By David Drake

18 Entries Found
Whitemouth Moray Eel - Eel is being cleaned by a small wrasse that looks like it might be getting at that hard-to-reach spot underneath that feel so good when it gets done like one can't do for one's self.
Nudibranch - This one is making its way across the reef. Olympus SP-350 and Inon D-2000.
False Clown Anemonefish Household - The entire household of three seemed interested, although the little one seemed somewhat shy down there hanging out the bottom
Nudibranch - Liked the sense of aspiration projected by this nudibranch that was stretching and striving to climb up the reef
Pink Anemonefish - I admire the contrast between the delicacy of the fins the stinging nature of the host anemone, the pink of the fish and purple of the anemone frond tips contrasting against the green of the frond lengths
Nudibranch - Delighted the gills are visible in such fine detail
Anemonefish - Relaxed encounter during SDI Solo Diver commencement dive, believe this one found me less threatening since I was not part of a herd of loud bubbly neoprene-clad scary things; may be rethinking whether to be afraid after being strobed.
Christmas Tree Worms - Delightfully delicate variety of colors where they are found grouped poking out of the coral
Lobster - Found around 20 meters at Green Island in his crevice under a large rock in a sort of cave among a cluster of boulders; a diver who enjoys poking around in holes and swim-throughs directed me where to look so this picture could be taken.
Lionfish - This beauty was just laying there pretty as you please seemingly resting its chin without much of a care; but of course who would need to concern themselves with much when all their poisonous spines are erected in docile defensive posture?
Blackspotted Moray Eel - This creature was watching us from its lair under Mushroom Head, my buddies couldn't get my attention and communicate for me to take a picture of the other eel beside my hand while I was trying to catch this shot.
Sun Mushroom Coral (Heliogungia actiniformis) - Thought it was an anemone that happened to lack resident anemonefish, took perseverence to identify it as a coral
Hermit Crab (Dardanus megistos) - Sitting at the forward edge of his nook in the Great Wall part of the Wreck Point site on the Taiwan NE Coast, this fellow can survey what happens on the nearby sandy bottom that extends from the bottom of the wall.
False Clown Anemonefish - Photo taken at one of the Panglao Island dive sites southwest of Bohol; the delicate appearance of the translucent fin tips and the shimmering glow of the host anemone attract me to this photo.
Rusty Angelfish - Found beside Mushroom Head at Green Island, Taiwan (oldest living coral and largest mushroom coral on Earth as documented by National Geographic); thought it was a damsel from its shape and took some time to identify as an angelfish
Nudibranch: Ceratosoma trilobatum - Reasonably common at Wreck Point and Canyons dive sites along Taiwan NE Coast, always a delight to notice one of these large and colorful nudibranchs making its way along the bottom.
Clam - Taken while diving Green Island on a weekend trip 11-12 November. Lots of clams such as this are embedded in the reef. Likely Tridacna, or giant clam, genus; though not the true Giant Clam species. Took this photo because it is beautiful.
Octopus in his Lair, Making for the Back Door - The octopus did not like us poking the camera in at him. He seemed to get angry with red showing around his eye. He made his move to crawl out the back entrance of his home that we were invading.
18 Entries Found