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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Jonas Andersson

19 Entries Found
if you see a face like this on the diveladder, you dont even have to ask if it was a good dive. it is writen in his face
Visitors!!! they are here!! secretly covered up like an ordinary jellyfish
David and Goliath.
This juvenile dragonfly were walking around happily on a big sleeping pearch.
Lovely grayseal
crab waiting for lunch
stairway to heaven
freshwater crayfish try to flirt to the camera
stalking pike
a pike shows himself from he´s best side.
a close look at a peach back
a freshwater snail works he´s way up. i used a long shutterspeed to get the movment of the plant. canon EOS 300 and Fuji Velvia 50
flirty snake pipefish. canon eos 300, canon ef 50mm
a clowns real face
a braincoral and his friends
a cuddlefish coming up for a close inspection.
blue hole. Was waiting for great hammerheads but instead this school of baracuda came in a formation flight. why do they stay out of the middle?
Help. first sight after a dive for a diver in Philippines
Jellyfish up close. when you get close to a jellyfish, you can see its beuty. the downside is that you also often can feel something burning.
Blue,blueshark. taken in Catalina channel betwen Catalina island and Los angeles
19 Entries Found