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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Adolfo Maciocco

245 Entries Found: Page 1  of  10
Trumpet lips
Bedouin Bubbles
Light @ Jackfish alley
Fisheye Fun shots
Schooling Snappers and Batfish at Shark reef
Schooling snappers at Shark reef
Ras Mohamed
Nikon d7000 with Tokina 10-17 @ 11.5 mm
F7.1 1/200 Iso 200
Hugyfot housing with twin Inon z-240
Playing with lightrays @ Jackfish alley (Ras Mohamed National Park) Nikon d7000 Tokina 10-17 @ 10mm Hugyfot housing
F5 1/13 Iso 1000
Self portrait with Barracudas
Shark ^Yolanda reef
Napoleon eye
Skating tricks
Underwater Karate
SS Thistlegorm
The captain's cabin 2
SS Thistlegorm
The captain's cabin
Nikon d7000 , tokina 10-17 @ 10mm
F5 1/8 Iso 640 ambient light
Anthias explosion
Playing with spinning effect
Nikon d7000 Tokina 10-17 @ 17mm
F29 1/10 sec
No photoshop
Marsa Bareika camping
Ras mohamed national park
Nikon d7000 Tokina 10-17
F9 1/200 Iso250
Sidemount diver on the Thistlegorm
Hawksbill turtle with Diver
Jackfish alley
Sharm el Sheikh
Nikon d7000 Tokina 10-17
Hugyfot housing 1inon z-240 1 sea&sea ys-110a
F10 1/250
Iso 200
Sparkling Thistlegorm
Barracuda fingerprint
Remaining of Yolanda wreck
Ras mohamed
Nikon d7000 F10 1/200
Sea&sea Dx1g with wide angle lense and 2 ys110 strobes in the bottom of the pool shooting every 5 seconds
F9 1/320 Iso 80
Surfing the Blue.
Coral garden & Diver
Jackson reef
Hawksbill & Diver
Jackson reef
Crab portrait on night dive.
F4 1/100 Iso 100
Dancing Geisha
245 Entries Found: Page 1  of  10