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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Lill Haugen

12 Entries Found
"Underworld" - frilled anemone (Metridium senile) in the shallows in the Oslo fjord in Norway, towards the cold winter sky and naked trees on shore.
Amphipode hitching a ride on a jelly fish, image shot in Väderöarna, Sweden
Pink fluorescent flounder, photographed with Glowdive yellow filters and ultraviolet lights only - no Photoshop.
Tiny amphipode on a hydroide "flower" in the Oslo fjord.
Fluorescent Hermit crab glowing in the dark - by using glowdive filters and ultraviolet lights it is possible to find and capture fluorescent creatures even in the cold Norwegian fjords. No photoshop effects.
Hyperid amphipod getting a free ride on a (rather small) jelly fish...
Shooting a self portrait while diving and snorkeling with feeding manta rays in the Hanifaru Bay. A majestic corner of the world, but definitely in need of regulation of human interaction - as this revealing silhouette shows.
Large female bull shark photographed in Fiji, while munching on a fish snack at the Beqa Adventure Divers Shark Dive in Pacific Harbour.
Tiny cold-water plankton (Clione limacina), free swimming in the cold waters of Norway, looking for prey - which it will devour after hooking it with its eversible tentacles.
Free diving with mantas scooping up delicious plankton in shallow waters in Fiji (Yasawa islands). Shoot downwards just below the surface while free diving, everything naturally lit by the sun from above. Nikon D300 with 10,5 fish eye, no strobes.
You can actually go shark diving in Oslo, Norway.They are not big, OR dangerous, and they are even called Dogfish - but they are still sharks. (Nikon D300).
In "Silfra" in Iceland you dive inside the crack that geologically divides the continents of Europe and America, which ends ends up in this Blue Lagoon. The crystal clear water holds only two chilling degrees. Nikon D300 with 10,5mm lens in natural l
12 Entries Found