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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Alessandro Pagano

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Oxynotus centrina (Linnaeus, 1758). Green-eyed shark or pig fish. size 70cm, deep. 82m
Wreck "Valfiorita", sunk during the Second World War, following the dismissal by a British submarine. In photo is recognizable twin anti-aircraft machine gun. 65m depth.
The cyclops (particularly the carapace of a cicada of sea)
Pontonia pinnophylax
Cerianthus membranaceus
The Kent ship
Cerianthus membranaceus
Xyrichtys novacula
Parablennius pilicornis
Hermodice carunculata
Haliotis lamellosa
Details of the basal part of the spines of a pencil urchin(Cidaris Cidaris)
This is a large ship used during World War II to transport arms and provisions for the Italian troops who fought in Africa. The ship has a bow completely covered with sand. Check the tree from the sand like a cross on the grave of a great war hero.
Pelagia noctiluca
Weever a small shot almost completely covered with sand.
Cargo ship Bowesfield, end 1892
To infinity and beyond :-)
Radiola pelagic Collozoum inerme
Bowesfield wreck sunk on 21.05.1892 near Torre Faro (ME)
Dasyatis pastinaca
Cratena peregrina, photographed with Nikon 105 macro and telephoto 1.4x
Neosimnia spelta, 12mm, Capolumini (CT), Sicily, Ionian Sea, wreck "Terni", -40m
A big Synodus saurus in ambush, surprised at about 6m depth.
This small fish comb (Xyrichthiys novacula) about 1,2 inch long has tried to scare me by opening his mouth and raising the dorsal fin. Depth 25m,Nikon D700, Nikon AFS 105mm f2, 8 VR, Hugyfot housing, housing SB800 Foto Leone, Subtronic Alpha Pro Macr
Shadow of a Spirographis spallanzani I found this glittering Hippocampus guttulatus. Deep 18m, Nikon D700, Hugyfot housing, Nikon AFS 105mm f2,8 VR, SB800 housing Foto Leone, Subtronic Alpha Pro
28 Entries Found: Page 1  of  2