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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Susanna Randazzo

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Chromodoris tricolor_Goa_India_2023
Chromodoris tricolor_2023
A blenny looks out of its burrow suspiciously. Note the fleshy branching appendages (named cirri) found above their eyes and nostrils. The biological role of cirri remains unclear but make them very nice!
(Canon60, 1/200,f18,iso200)
Chromodoris naiki with characteristic pale light-blue band at the edge of the notum and scattered large spots of dark purple in the dorsum. Very photogenic nudi! Shot taken at the wreck of Goa, in poor visibility_2023
Chromodoris naiki_2023
(Canon60, 1/200,f18,iso200)
Chromodoris naiki nudibranch_2023
(Canon60, 1/200,f18,iso200)
Most dorids nudis have a smooth, thick mantle and their silhouette is broad and flat.
Dorids also sport an exposed cluster of gills on their backs, visible here on this beautiful Chromodoris photographed in Goa_2023
Red lined Flabellina_Goa_2023
A tiny fish stays on a branch of corals. Photo taken at "Aquarium dive site" of Havelock island , Andamans_2023
(Canon60, 1/200,f14,iso100)
A curious and very colorful goby. Photo taken in Havelock, in the Andamans-2023
(Canon60, 1/200,f14,iso100)
Coryphellina rubrolineata nudibranch_2023
(Canon60, 1/200,f18,iso100))
Chromodoris trimarginata_2023
(Canon60, 1/200,f18,iso200))
These worms live inside corals where they hide from predators. Their bodies stay hidden except their colorful crowns which are feather-like appendages that resemble fir trees , giving Christmas tree their name.
Capturing with macro lens reveals so many tiny reef cratures as this beautiful Chromodoris tricolor nudibranch photographed during wreck diving at Goa_India_2023
Big eyes close up of a little shrimp photographed at Aquarium dive site, in Havelock island, Andamans_India_2023.
Pteraeolidia ianthina_2023
Translucent coral goby_2023
(Canon60, 1/200,f18,iso100)
Flabellina exoptata_Havelock island_2023
Close up an old piece of string a few meters deep, covered by algae and other organisms including these two Flabellina nudibranchs that have captured my attention for their bright color.
Close up of a Chromodoris trimarginata nudibranch,common in shallow sandy, rocky or rubble environments of the Indian-Arabian Sea. This photo was taken at the Wreck dive site in Goa_India_2023
Colorful blenny curiously looking out of its den_Photo taken at the Wreck dive site, in Goa_India_2023
(Canon60, 1/200,f18,iso200)
Chromodoris naiki nudibranch_Goa-2023
(Canon60, 1/200,f18,iso200)
The universe in its eyes!Close up of a big eye puffer fish photographed in the wreck dive site of Goa_India_2023
(Canon60, 1/200,f18,iso200)
Flabellina rubrolineata nudibranch_2022
Colors of India_Phidiana m. nudibranch_2022
(Canon 60,1/200,f20,iso100)
Tylodina perversa nudibranch_Vallarta-2022
Wart-head blenny_Vallarta_2022
(Canon 60mm,t1/200,f/20,iso100)
122 Entries Found: Page 1  of  5