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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Fuster Luc

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I thought this picture by looking at the electrical refraction of sunlight on the sandy bottom and the metal reflection of it below the surface of the water. A magical graphics separated by a liquid turquoise horizon.
Peacock wrasse male looking for invertebrates in algae.
Hard to made this picture with my 60mm macro lens because this fish never stop swimming…
Whale shark under the surface by night.
Sandy smile of a stargazer.
cerianthe and diver.Reef La Bota,Ibiza. 55meters depth with my compact LUMIX FX01
Composition with green anemonia's tentacles
hieroglyph sea bass, 60mm macro lens
What it to my face?
Hairy triton. Procase SUBAL with NIKON F-5 and 60mm Lens. Argentic slide.
Octopus playing inside sea fans.compact LUMIX FX01. Ile Plane, Marseille.
Pit diving pool of Amiens, curves as an interstellar picture, diver as an astronaut…2014 the underwater odyssey. Manipuled photoshop.
Tentacules of a cerianthus anemonia, 55 meters depth with a compact LUMIX FX01
Posidonia's pipe fish (Syngnathus typhle)
Who's guess?
close-up of an Octopus vulgaris
Blue Hole... in the pit diving pool "The nautilus" in Amiens. North of France. Divers ready to jump on it: 15 meters depth, for training course.
Using 8" dome port with 14mm SIGMA lens, D700.
Nice geometric curve, an interstellar picture, isn't...
holiday's feeling…feet in the water...
cuttlefish in white and black…as a venice mask
A big fella John Dory, this one around 2kg for 50cm length. At 50 meters depth at Caramull rock, the kingdom of Saint Peters fishes… Taken with my 14mm lens, was a reflex shoot, no time to adjust the speed… unfortunatly a little bite too slow.
Enjoy your meal!
restorante "El Bigote" Cala Mastella - Ibiza
conger eel, the iron jaw.
Posidonian's pipe fish takes with my 14mm lens. 5meters depth. La Gabinière,south of France.
My body Sylvain at 55 meters depth, the famous Wreck of TOGO, south of France, CAVALAIRE, near TOULON.
The "BLUE LAKE" or Lac bleu in north of France during a night dive last friday; at the city ROEUX close to ARRAS in PICARDY
Nice Pike of one year old, around 40 cm length
Flatworm swimming in the blue like a ghost dancer
Common murray eel
Divers in the sun...
46 Entries Found: Page 1  of  2