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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Kate Jonker

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Just call me "Red"
A beautiful Red Klipfish poses for me on the reef at Rooi Els. Snooted photo using Canon 7dmkii and 60mm macro lense
Crowned Nudibranch stretches from his perch on the reef
First Find!
The first nudibranch I came across on a new reef we discovered in Gordon's Bay - a white edged nudibranch
Nudibranch Love
Crowned nudibranch with Hollywood style heart bokeh
Candy nudibranch - Cuthona sp. There are so many colour combinations of this tiny nudibranch but this is one of my favourite!
Spotlight - A coral nudibranch with snooted Inon Z240 and blue snoot torch
Walking on Mars
Tiny amphipod perches on top of a small cuttlefish egg.
Caught in the Act!
Super klipfish spies me with one eye and my buddy above him with the other eye :D
Inner Glow
Orange Gasflame Nudibranch detail, photographed in Simon's Town, South Africa
Beautiful gasflame nudibranch perches on top of the SAS Pietermaritzburg Wreck in Simon's Town, South Africa.
Snooted hotlips spider crab. Snooted.
Tiny smooth skin scorpion fish (3cm long) in Simon's Town. Very seldom seen.
Bohemian Rhapsody
Snooted Super Klipfish at Stone Dog in Gordon's Bay.
The Eye of the Beholder
Eye of a tiny cuttlefish, shot using reverse ring macro with coloured lights.
Tubular Hydroid sways in the gentle surge.
Speckled Klipfish
Coloured snoot torches highlight the yellow and blue details of this curious little fish.
Final RoundThrough to 2018 awards final round judging
Pretty in Pink
Coral nudibranch with a touch of pink snoot lighting
Snooted super klipfish in False Bay
2nd place Monthly HotShots shortlistedShortlisted!

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
Amazing use of creative lighting on this one!
Divers explore the vibrant reefs of the Deep South Red Sea
Cape Town Reef - teeming with diverse marine life
Close up of a cuttlefish using reverse ring macro and subtle coloured constant lighting.
Gasflame in reverse
Gasflame nudibranch shot using reverse ring macro technique with constant coloured lights
Gasflame Nudibranch shot with snoot torch and reverse ring macro
Not so silvertip
silvertip nudibranch bathed in coloured lights
Fiery Nudibranch shot with shallow depth of field, blue and red lights
Fireworks Urchin
Snoot lighting with coloured gels.
94 Entries Found: Page 1  of  4