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Amphipods on a coral flower

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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Antonio Venturelli

296 Entries Found: Page 1  of  11
Close up of Flabellina affinis nudibranch_2022
Hermit crab peering out the door_2022
Lentiginous moray eel_2022
Hypselodoris tricolor nudibranch_2022
Felimida nudibranch_2022
Flabellina affinis_2022
The elegance of Cratena nudibranch_2022
Purple nudibranch(Flabellina affinis)_2022
Pretty common but always good looking for another shot_Flabellina nudibranch_Mediterranean sea_2022
Trypterigion fish_2022
Intense colors of Mediterranean Flabellina_2022
Cratena nudibranch_2022
Very strong wind_2022
The time of last shot and then it hides behind a twig.. it's time to get back on the boat. Another beautiful dive at La Formica site to photograph these delicate nudibranchs_Flabellina affinis_2022
Elongated Cratena_2022
Purple sea slug ( Flabellina affinis). We can see it often during all dives in Mediterranean sea_2022
A close look at a Cratena in search of hydroids_la Formica dive site_2022
Flabellina from behind_2022
Summer is good time to shot these beautiful nudibranchs. This is a Cratena with flashy dorsal purple cerata and tips in blue. The name "cerata" comes from Greek meaning horns_2022.
Bright colors of a Cratena in the Mediterranean Sea_2022
Blu,white ,yellow ..warm colors perfectly combined by nature for this tricolor nudibranch photographed in the Mediterranean sea_2022
Flabellina affinis nudibranch in Mediterranean Sea_2022
Very common but always beautiful to shot_Cratena nudibranch_2022
Mediterranean Felimare with yellow topline_2022
Always too cute to resist at least a couple of shots_Cratena nudi_photo taken at La Formica dive site_Casteldaccia_Sicily_2022.
One of my favorites in the Mediterranean, for the beautiful blue of its coat, is Hypselodoris tricolor nudi. This one with yellow back_2022(Canon100,1/200,f20,iso200)
296 Entries Found: Page 1  of  11