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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Antonio Venturelli

492 Entries Found: Page 1  of  19
Blue dragon nudibranch (Pteraeolidia semperi).Due to its large size and diurnal habits, it is one of the most commonly-sighted aeolid in the South China Sea. Very beautiful but too long for my 100 mm lens!_Feb 2024
(Canon 100,1/200,f13,iso100)
Soft coral close up_Jan 2024
(Canon100, 1/200,f16,iso100)
Coryphellina exoptata nudibranch _Feb 2024
(Canon 100,1/200,f14,iso100)
Detail of a beautiful transparent glass ghost shrimp stopped on a branch of a soft green coral, photographed during a great diving in the South China Sea with our friend Duc,in Vietnam, Nha Trang_Feb 2024.(Canon100,1/200,f16,iso100)
Tiny coral fish_Feb 2024
(Canon100, 1/200,f16,iso100)
Pteraeolidia semperi nudibranch_Feb 2024
Hypselodoris Tryoni(Risbecia tryoni) nudibranch. Photo taken during shallow diving in Hon Mun marine park close to Nha Trang_Feb 2024
Hypselodoris tryoni nudibranch_ Nha Trang _Feb 2024
Flabellina exoptata_Jan 2024
Scrambled egg nudibranch_Jan 2024
Transparent glass shrimp close up_Jan 2024
The tiny crabs are colorful, with many details and two beautiful curious eyes that emerge from the shell to scrutinize the external environment like this one photographed in Goa_India_December_2023
Hypselodoris bullokii_Nha Trang_Jan2024
(Canon100, 1/200,f16,iso100)
Another photo of a Hypselodoris bullokii with rhinophores on one side, tuft on the other.. and beautiful as always!_Nha Trang Jan 2024 (Canon100,1/200,f16,iso100)
Elysia ornata nudibranch_Goa_India-2023
(Canon100, 1/200,f16,iso100)
Like the similar Vir colemani, this small shrimp live among the bulbous tentacles of the coral Pleurogyra sinuosa. V. philippinensis has purple lines on its appendages while V. colemani has purple circles.Nha Trang _Jan2024
Detail of a green coral at shallow depth. I was intrigued by the small octopuses that cover it. Done scuba diving in India_Goa, Dec_2023
Goniobranchus hintuanensis nudibranch . Photo is dirty because in fact this nudi loves to move on the muddy bottom that characterizes these seabeds (Vietnamese-style "muck dive" !). Taken in Nha Trang_Jan 2024
Phyllidia ocellata nudibranch_Jan 2024
An electric blue for this beautiful specimen of nudibranch called "scrambled egg sea slug" ! Photo taken during diving in Nha Trang_Vietnam_Jan 2024 (Canon100,1/200,f16,iso100)
Glossodoris cincta nudibranch_Jan 2024
Hypselodoris bullockii nudibranch_Jan2024
Small colorful creatures of the Indian Ocean_Dec-2023
Nudibranch Phyllidia varicosa. Photo taken in Goa, India. December_2023
Close up of a beautiful Elysia ornata flatworm with its typical translucent greenish-yellow color dotted with black & white and the broad parapodia each bordered by an orange band and a black margin_Goa_Dec 2023
(Canon100, 1/200,f18,iso100)
With the poor vis, everything seems brown. You can't imagine that the right lighting allows to discover otherwise invisible details. Like in this close-up of a hermit crab photographed a few mt deep in the sea of Goa_2023
(Canon100, 1/200,f14,i.100)
Marine flatworms are often very little creatures, easy to spot when diving and, if you have a good macro lens, you can well focus on them as I tried in this photo taken in Goa, India_2023
(Canon100, 1/200,f16,iso100)
492 Entries Found: Page 1  of  19