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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Brenda De Vries

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Fresh water nudibranch in the Netherlands. Not as colorfull as in salt water in the tropics, but even a very beautifull creature.
This small heremitecrab has really nice eyes. Taken with use of a snoot.
Eye of a brown frog that tries to stay under water during the wintercold. You can see the third eyelid of the eye.
Larvea of a brown frog. the small 'fishes' have really nice mouths, they are really cute.
Larvae of a dragonfly. Almost nobody knows that dragonflies live most of their lives under water. People only know them as the animals with wings. But they live a few years under water before their last stadium in their lives.
In 1 lake I dive quite a lot in winter, there are frogs found under water. I really like that. The frogs are found at 16-20m depth. And the special thing is that you can see that the waterpressure makes the frogs flat. But they are still alive.
A picture took from garbage. I have a longer lasting project to take pictures of garbage I find under water. This time it was a Barbie doll, the perfect woman for kids. But now dropped, headless and green of algea. A bigger contrast almost impossible
Small crab on corals in the Red sea. If you just swim over these corals you will not see the small crabs. You have to look really carefull and then you see them.
Inside the Hilma Hooker on Bonaire.
Hilma Hooker on Bonaire. A nice wreck for every diver.
Seahorse taken in the Netherlands. A few years ago, a seahorse was rare in my country, but last year there were over 15 different seahorses found. It is amazing that we have these creatures in our murky waters.
Landscape with seastar taken in the Grevelingen lake in the Netherlands.
An nice fishy landscape in the Red Sea in Egypt.
Wreck in the Red sea near the Fury Shoals.
This divesite is not a lake, but a tank filled with water. It is called the 'Gasometer'. In this tank there are several objects placed to explore. Maximum depth 14m, diameter 45m.
Diver in the Fontaine del Truffe in France. One of my favorite caves in this region.
Nature is harsh. This brown frog did not survive the winterperiod. It is covered with mold. In this lake brown frogs can be found at 16-20m depth where they try to survive the winter under water.
Riverdiving in Switzerland. River Verzasca.
Tunnel in the Kobanya mine. Officially it is not a mine, but a wine cellar. Some parts are flooded and you can dive in now.
Marble mine in Belgium.
Riverdiving in the Verzasca river in Switzerland.
Marble mine in Denee in Belgium.
Old marble mine in Belgium. Only accessible with a permit. Cristal clear water. To reach the entrance it is a horrible climb.
A pike in a lake in the Netherlands. In summer we can spot a lot of pikes. I still like that fish.
Small crab in the Netherlands. In winter you don't see a lot, but crabs are always there.
Seasquirts (Ascidiacea) in the 'Veerse Meer' in the Netherlands. Not the most impressive animals, but sometimes they are nice to take pictures of.
Old mine in Belgium. Hard to get in, but then you have a nice dive.
129 Entries Found: Page 1  of  5