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Week 38 winner

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by Marc Van Den Broeck


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by Didier Pasquini

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Julian Hsu (2nd place)
Magali Marquez (3rd place)
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Underwater Photo Contest | Creative - Manipulated (Photoshopped)

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Shots that have been digitally edited outside of the camera for creative reasons (not brightness/contrast etc.) in a program like PhotoShop
Ray mouth
Freediving - STA
"Coconut Octopus House" the coconut octopus often uses bottles and other pieces of trash as a home.
Final RoundThrough to 2017 awards final round judging
"Manta Terrarium" part of my Underwater Surrealism body of work
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Final RoundThrough to 2017 awards final round judging

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
Very creative composition, where did you get flying mini mantas and how did you put them in there?
"At the Base of the Tree" part of my Underwater Surrealism body of work. Hairy Squat Lobsters are found at the base of giant sponges. This image is referencing that, but on trees.
Living in the Spiral World/Tomato Anemonefish/Ishigaki, Okinawa,Japan, Canon 5D MarkIII, 100mm Lens,Sea&Sea housing,Inon Z240*2, F16,1/160,ISO200
Loggerhead Turtle Sequence 15 shots into 1
clownfish hiding at softcoral
Leafy SeaDragon
By manipulation I mean an off-camera double exposure as I liked the body made fuzzy by the trioplan lens and the eye of the second shot nice in focus...
Wobbegong shark, double exposure, Raja Ampat.
Lifeguard on duty
Nevermore.. tough beach entry.
Hawaiian White Spotted Toby
Because the blue water is overrated that is why...
Seahorses during childbirth
Squid in Black, Veracruz México
In a cave, under half daylight particals glare like stars; top right, out of the cave under sun light plants seem like lightning
Trumpet Fish in front, Flamingo Beach Bonaire
black and white stripes army
2697 Entries Found: Page 10  of  100