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Our UW photo contest is the longest running and most prestigious online. If you want to make a name for yourself this is THE place to do it.

Just look at some of the internationally acclaimed photographers who have launched their u/w photo careers here over the years.

Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Switzerland

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The Pike and the UW-Photographer :-) what a great moment, just love it
A beautiful "Rotengle" close to the surface... Que du Bonheur... :O)...
King "PIKE" in his small pond. What a great place. I just love it :-)
Spawning season 2008, Geneva's lake was extremely clear and super fishy
One more green water shot, our common friend Daniel.
My friend Pili during a dive on the "Wels catfish barge" ... i love the colour of our lakes :-)
A Perch from under... :O) Curious... Que du Bonheur...
Freshwater magic atmosphere
Friend and Buddy Sven on his way to get a picture of the pike posing for me :-) Great fun, great dive, Thanx Bro
A pike posing for my friend Dany
Pili and Philo exploring a wreck
A funny and very curious pearch who came and went during several minutes. great dive at "Le Duzillet", great fun :-))
Freshwater fishes (rotengles in French...) - Natural Light... Que du bonheur.
A grub of an insecte - an Odonate - 4 meters deep. No croping et que du Bonheur... :O)... 105mm with Wetdiopter Seacam No2.
My friend and dive buddy Sven on our small wreck "Zigounette" alias "the Wels Barge". great dive, great fun :-))
My friend Dany getting ready with his camera
We newly re-baptised this wreck "la Barque aux Silures - lit. the wels barge - in relation to the mediterranean Conger Barge ... We have at least two regular "resident" wels catfishs :-) Watta great dive
Mating crays, Geneva's lake is hot!
My friend Pili, Lake shot.
Crayfish in Rivaz, lake Geneva
Shining through the frozen surface...
Buddy Daniel under the ice in a small pond ! Great fun :-)
Face to face with this beautiful young Pike Fish in one of our small lakes in my region. (One of my favorite "Pike Shot"... )Que du Bonheur... :O)...
Anodonta cygnea - swan mussel - the natural filter of our lakes (up to 50L/day). what looks like a tongue is in fact it's foot, used to move or dig the sand.
A tench (Tinca tinca) anyone with an idea why this fish is sometime called "doctor fish" in the UK??
Back to the boat on a very bright day after a nice dive
"The FreshWater Eye".... Que du bonheur...
1345 Entries Found: Page 42  of  50

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