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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Cuba

791 Entries Found: Page 1  of  30
cocodrilo marino
Two sharks cruising the reefs in Cuba
Sharks with sun rays
These tiny fish were swimming through the anemone
I was taking a picture of a shark and a diver appeared in the picture
Stingray in the sand looking for food while the sharks watch
Taking a picture of a shark and the lens was so wide a reef diver showed up in the picture.
Cave El Brinco in the Bay of Pigs in Cuba. I had the chance to do a cave dive here. It was quite hard to find a guide to bring us to this cave, but it was a nice adventure.
American cocodrilo, canon 60D , Tokina Lens 10-17mm, seacam housing, two Strobel es 125 ikelite
Photographed this ray in about 15ft of water in Cayo Coco
A dangerous kinda beautiful!
"Now you see him, then you don't!"
The trumpet fish is a master of disguise and a lethal hunter! Just amazing to spot this guy waiting to strike.
Golden Hamlet, Garden of the Queen, Cuba
Nurse Shark, Garden of the Queen. Cuba
Caribbean Reef Shark, Gardens of the Queen is the perfect place for enjoy sharks.
¨American Crocodile¨. Gardens of the Queen,Cuba is a special place for see this creature. Nikon D800E
¨El Niño¨ It is once of the most friendly an famous crocodile in Garden of the Queen. Canon EOS 60D
Cabezo de la Cubera or Snapper Head, Garden of the Queen, Cuba. Is beautifull dive site, it´s a coral formation full of Cubera Snapper and Carebbean Reeff Shark. Canon EOS 60D f/13 1/160s ISO 250
Garden of the Queen, Cuba. It´s a Blenny between the Montrastea cavernosa polyps
"Side by Side" - as close as it gets I suppose to this amazing but unpredictable apex predator!
Final RoundThrough to 2022 awards final round judging
Watching as the crocodile glided over me I got a cold shiver, but my instincts took over as my finger pulled the lever to shoot a bracket of images and this was one of them!
American cocodrilo,canon 60d, Tokina Lens 10-17mm, two ikelite Strobel DS125, seacam housing
scoolmaster under a coral,canon 60D tokina lens 10/17mm at 10mm, two ikelite strobe DS125,seacam housing
goliath grouper youning,
Gold Medal Gold Medal 2022

Final RoundThrough to 2022 awards final round judging
sea urchin, Panasonic GH4 ,Olympus lens 60mm,two sea and sea strobe D2, Nauticam housing.
caribean reef sharks,nikon D800E, tokina lens 10.17mm,two ikelite strobe DS125,aquatica housing.
791 Entries Found: Page 1  of  30

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