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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Aruba

107 Entries Found: Page 1  of  4
Only found on the bow of the ES Antilla wreck this tiny blenny is called Acanthemblemaria aceroi
After a rough night...
What an extraordinary face fireworms have!
Arrowhead crab inspired by John Travolta in the dance competition from Pulp Fiction
The Blackthorn wreck in Aruba, photographed with a Canon EOS70D and Tokina 10-17 mm fisheye lens.
The Blackthorn Wreck in Aruba photographed with a Canon EOS 70D and Tokina 10-17 mm fisheye lens.
We usually see at least one large green moray eel on each dive. This guy was particularly interested in checking out my camera.
Staring Blenny
Cleaner shrimp at work on this Big Eye (literally).
Curious blenny
fish with parasite
coral composition
Thats the last time I let Mr Turtle use my camera!
Wobbegong with a Porcupine Puffer lodged in its mouth
2nd place Monthly HotShots shortlistedShortlisted!
Final RoundThrough to 2017 awards final round judging

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
Perfect moment, perfect angle and perfect light; an unbelievable shot
Olumpus E-PM1 - Aruba
Rare moment
Fire coral
Two lights
Curious squid
Sea Brain
Sea of ​​dreams
Diver friend
Tarpoon and wreck
Sea of ​​my dreams
Santa Cararia wreck
107 Entries Found: Page 1  of  4

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