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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Egypt

10001 Entries Found: Page 26  of  371
Lion fish in a view
A pair of Red Sea Banner fish (Heniochus intermedius).
Playfull napoleon
A Masked Butterflyfish emerges from the reef in the Red Sea,Egypt
Diving with oceanic white tip shark
A view of Daedalus Reef in the Red Sea,Egypt
Oceanic white tip shark close
Divers Descend to the wreck of the Numidia For an adventurous wreck dive in the Red Sea, Egypt.
Reef Scenic,Red Sea,Egypt
A pair of Masked Butterflyfish swim the reefs of the Red Sea.
Close encounter with a flying powerhouse - The Leopard Torpedo (Torpedo panthera)
A Blue Tailed Trunkfish(Ostracion cyanurus) photographed during a night dive at Marsa Shouna,Red Sea,Egypt
In a row... Bluecheek butterflyfish
An accomplished photo 'poser', a Hawkfish does its best to help the photographer get a good photo.
Encountered this beautiful Scibbled (Scrawled)FileFish during a night dive at Marsa Shouna, Red Sea.
A bulletheaded Parrotfish makes itself comfortable at night in the Red Sea.
"I've got my eye on you" An inquisitive Napolean Wrasse observes me closely.
A pair of fish beckon me to follow them for an adventure in the Red Sea.
A pair of Masked Butterflyfish in the Red Sea,Egypt
Red Sea Scenic,Egypt.
"Cute Rambo!" ;-) - Egyptian Nemo (Amphiprion Bicinctus) defending his bubble anemone...
Beautiful Moral Eel with character
Red Sea´s Nemo - the two-banded anemonefish
"Relaxed moment" big grin - Giant moray while cleaning by a cleaner wrasse
Napoli an
A coronetfish glides out of the gloom in the Red Sea,Egypt
10001 Entries Found: Page 26  of  371

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