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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From The North Sea

1088 Entries Found: Page 1  of  41
An Eubranchus rupium on sugar kelp
dad kayaking over the danish seaweeds at a night time swim :D
A Mnemiopsis leidyi in the sunlight
Tubularia indivisa with ampipods
A juvenile lumpsucker on a piece of sugar kelp
Photo taken july 2021. Monkfish
''Shanny in the shallow'' in the estuary of the Eastern Scheldt
(Lipophrys pholis)
Shorthorn sculpin guarding it's nest in lake Grevelingen in the Netherlands.
Seal relaxing
I love how these anemones elegantly move in the water.
A jelly reflection
underwater catwalk
crabs having fun.
Barrel jellyfish
moon jelly reflecting itself in the surface of the danish cold waters.
snail living in fresh water swamp :d ice cold to capture this photo and also a bit smelly but totally worth it 1 try for each photo and then bottom was stirred up enough to ruin 2nd photo, used 1 kraken video light for focus and ysd2 strobe for flash
Crab Waiting for a shrimpy meal! slow shutter photo with kraken blue and red continues light source to create pink light effect and sea and sea strobe to stop to motion and get correct colors
Pink leaf image flipped upside own for a futuristic look, ysd2 strobes fired outside water
setup - Panasonic lumix gh5 - sea and sea ysd2s, kraken video light macro edition on low light to focus in the dark water whilst not harming the animas eyes, then use spear fishing tecnique as stealth to get real close to the Syngnathus typhle
Lions mane jelly
1088 Entries Found: Page 1  of  41

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