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by Marko Perisic


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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From The Aegean Sea

1319 Entries Found: Page 46  of  49
Looks like Sponge ? :-P
A kind of Underwater Anemone.. I Love her Colors.. :-)
Gilos or Ilios(SunFish) Eating :-)
A type of an U/W worm.. "Terrified of whats inside.. To save his life.."
A DeaD Sea-Gull.. "Some say the end is near.."
a type of underwater slug ..
Underwater "underground" finswimmer
Leptosamnia pruvoti
Mediterranean Umbrella
Underwater Scene from Halkidiki #2#
Underwater Scene from Halkidiki #1#
Lophius Piscatorius. Canon 5D, Canon 17-40mm, Two S&S 250 strobes.
fire worm
Lophius Piscatorius
Lights from the Abyss
Aliens of the Deep
Two nudis. Flabellina Affinis after it gave birth her eggs enjoys the care of her husband. (maybe is the mother-in-law) :-S
Artistic Concerns
Hey, i'm pooing here what the hell r u shooting!
Crazy seahorse...Saros Turkey
Is this rule of thirds?:) Canon A95 Saros Turkey
octopus in the cave
Double tanks setup with manifold and Apeks regulator !
Final RoundThrough to 2007 awards final round judging

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
OK Nicholas you just KNOW you're going in the Hotsots with an entry like this! Blatant pandering to the Judges - and why not! Th focal point is on the rule of thirds...
A beautiful hippocampus from Aegean sea.
near Mykonos Greece Marine life in 15 meter under a rock.
Orange Nudi on Orange Sponge
1319 Entries Found: Page 46  of  49

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