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Pseudoprotella phasma

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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From France

1046 Entries Found: Page 16  of  39
fintastic - sea bream close up fin detail
Octopus playing inside sea fans.compact LUMIX FX01. Ile Plane, Marseille.
Pit diving pool of Amiens, curves as an interstellar picture, diver as an astronaut…2014 the underwater odyssey. Manipuled photoshop.
Natural sculpture
Blue Hole... in the pit diving pool "The nautilus" in Amiens. North of France. Divers ready to jump on it: 15 meters depth, for training course.
Using 8" dome port with 14mm SIGMA lens, D700.
Nice geometric curve, an interstellar picture, isn't...
serenity......... ambient light
portrait - face to face...
let's rock...
Flabellina affinis + Cratena peregrina
simply red........ Apogon imberbis
starfish skin - macro - close up
whatsupp ???
Posidonian's pipe fish takes with my 14mm lens. 5meters depth. La Gabinière,south of France.
My body Sylvain at 55 meters depth, the famous Wreck of TOGO, south of France, CAVALAIRE, near TOULON.
hold me tight..... France
The "BLUE LAKE" or Lac bleu in north of France during a night dive last friday; at the city ROEUX close to ARRAS in PICARDY
Nice Pike of one year old, around 40 cm length
hey you .... diver....
the swarm...
ambient light - les mèdes
...the happy face wink
France - mediterranean sea
window to the soul.... grouper close up
Fisdh portrait
Divers in the sun...
egg jellyfish
One of the biggest brown grouper I never see in my life, around 40 kg. Dive site "La gabinière" around 30 meters deep. Take with 14mm SIGMA lens and D700 Subal, single strobe SB 105 NIKONOS 1/4 powered.
Shadow of the bow, wreck of the mythic Togo by 55 meters depth, Cavalaire, south of France.
Wreck of the submarine "LE RUBIS" in front of Cap Camarat close to the village of Cavalaire. Depth of 41 meters.
Did you see this posidonia's pipe fish? This specie of syngnathe (S.thyple) is like the leaf of the mediterranean marine grass, the posidonia oceanic us.
Take with my 14mm SIGMA fisheye, 5 meters depth,marine reserve of Port Cros, south of France.
1046 Entries Found: Page 16  of  39

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