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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Saudi Arabia

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Hard coral - Nikon D70S, 105 macro - DS160
Goby on soft coral
Lion Fish....
Jana Island \ Saudi Arabia with Olympus C8080 wz without strobes
It was taken in a night dive in Jana Island \ Saudi Arabia with Olympus C8080 wz without strobes,, using my night dive light and flash
Anemonefish I took this pic Jana Island with Olympus C8080 WZ without strobes
Jubail, Saudia Arabia
Sea Cucumber
What way to go? Gulf of Bahrain, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Close-up of a sleeping naso tang. Farasan Banks, Saudi Arabia. Nikon D200 in Nexus housing, 2x Inon Z-240 strobes, 60mm + Kenko 1,4 teleconverter.
Bubbles, I took this pic underwater with Olympus C8080 WZ
Jana, Jubail,
Saudia Arabia
Mohammed Al Hamood
Close-up of a conch's eye. Nikon D200 in Nexus housing, 105mm VR with 1,4x teleconverter, 2x Inon Z-240 strobes.
Taken on artificial reef off of Ras Tanura, Saudi Arabia
It was taken in night dive
Jana Island \ KSA
Left eye of parrotfish sleeping
Nikon D100 and 105 macro lens.
Double strobe.
a very pleasant safety stop
Spanish Dancer
Open space...
Wrasse looking into lens
Close-up on polyps
Two times Nemo and then playing in the garden
Red crinoid
wide angle shot with reef and diver
Sunset over Marmar island in the Farasan Banks.
Goby on coral
Soft corals with diver
Eating turtle
Whip Coral Shrimp photographed at the Farasan Banks in Saudi Arabia. Nikon D200 in Nexus housing.
212 Entries Found: Page 7  of  8

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