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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From South Africa

2919 Entries Found: Page 1  of  109
Follow the leader
The color purple created by soft coral
funnel shape coral
Welcome to my world
The Collector
Basket stars are Echinoderms (hedgehog type of skin) and are characterised by radial symmetry, ten arms radiating from a central body. They use these outstretched arms like a basket to catch drifting food particles
sevengill shark
Cape fur seal
The Color Purple
The Pristine and rich marine life of the Cape Peninsula
Blue shark - offshore Cape Point
Just a cool image of an oceanic black tip shark.
The Rockpool
A short beautiful life
The water lilies attract various pollinating insects within their 4 days lifespan. They draw back underwater, the seeds ripen, float along streams, and finally sink into the mud where they germinate to begin a new life cy...
The look and the grin
Nile Crocodile in a small fresh water stream
copper shark
"My World”
Great to be back on the water photographing these ladies!
"Split Shot 😉😉😉"
The Hide Away
Silvertip nudibranch taking shelter underneath a false plume sea-anemone
Proud parent and off-springs. Sea anemones can reproduce normally but can also clone asexually
Breaking waves over a carpet of colorful sandy anemones in the intertidal zone
Find the hide-away octopus
A carpet of square-mouth striped anemones
Baby Basket Star
The Circle of Life
Gas flame Nudibranchs paring up for reproduction
A huge loggerhead popping in to say hi, this guy was super curious and followed by hundreds of bait fish.
Breaking waves filling a rockpool in the ongoing cycle of low and high tide
2919 Entries Found: Page 1  of  109

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