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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Bahamas

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A Great Hammerhead shark (Sphyrna mokarran) named "Patches" up close at Tiger Beach, Bahamas.
A trio of the oceans predators patrol the sandy banks of Tiger Beach in the Bahamas. The endangered Great Hammerhead comes in for a close fly-by while Caribbean reef sharks circle above and behind.
Hammerhead close up at Tiger Beach
Great Hammerhead up close and personal in Bimini shot with my Canon6D and Ikelite Housing
"Fading Feeding Grounds" This background is an area that was wiped out by a hurricane because of our actions making storms stronger. I thought it would be a strong setting for the sharks, which are also disappearing because of our actions.
Tiger Tiger Tiger - Tiger Shark at Tiger Beach - Bahamas
Always worth a second look! Small Tiger Shark checking me out! I kinda think they see themselves when looking at the dome on the camera housing. They will never give that secret up! We need to protect them ! Tiger Beach Bahamas
Christmas Tree Worms in the Bahamas. Taken with Olympus TG-4.
“Morning Excitement” Getting ready for a dive at Stuart Cove’s Dive Center in Nassau, Bahamas. This dive shop is located on the old “Flipper” T.V. Show set.
Banded Butterfly on a reef in the Bahamas. Taken with Olympus TG-4
Tangled in Tigers at Tiger Beach - Bahamas
Hole in the sea - Reef Shark at Tiger Beach. Every Shark has a different look and probably a good story. Glorious are the days like the conditions when this image was taken. Flat seas and clear water of the Bahamas sure help!
A very large female hammerhead shark comes straight up to me allowing me to wait for just the right moment to capture this image.
2nd place Monthly HotShots shortlistedShortlisted!
The Willaurie a naturally sunken ship off Nassau Bahamas.There are over 20 wrecks submerged off Nassau... they have been sunk by man ... this one has not.
French Angel peers around the corner with the shadow of a Reef shark in the background. West End Bhahmas
Its a real shark rodeo at Tiger Beach - Bahamas
Tiger Sharks , Lemon Sharks and Reef Sharks enjoy this sandy area called Tiger Beach located in the Bahamas Banks.
This young Atlantic spotted dolphin was so bold and curious as she ventured away from the pod to investigate me. It appears that she is swimming in the clouds, as the water swirls around her, sun beaming through.
The winter months bring the Hammerheads in from deep water and they can be seen off Bimini Bahamas.
Oceanic white tip, Cat Island
Emma the World Famous Tiger Shark appears over one of the prettiest reefs in the Bahamas - Mt Olympus near Tiger Beach
Sharks and more sharks at Tiger Beach located off West End Bahamas
Chromatophores on point with this juvenile reef squid
I was fortunate enough to capture this lovely great white shark as she was gliding by basking in the sunbeams...
Final RoundThrough to 2018 awards final round judging
“Guarding the (plane) wreck” Came across this plane wreck in the Bahamas. It looks like it has become a nursery to juvenile Grunts. Taken with my Olympus TG-4 and natural light.
“Natural Beauty”. Snorkeling off the Southern coast of Nassau I was mesmerized by the natural beauty of the reef. Taken with an Olympus TG-4
Hermit Crab walking down the beach in the Berry Islands using Olympus TG-4
2515 Entries Found: Page 4  of  94

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