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by Jose Maria Abad Ortega

Flabellina affinis

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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From The Tasman Sea

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White sea-horse and I mean it :D
They rarely swim... but when they do they are awesome...
This fellow simply could not stands the noise of regs and swam away from divers as soon they they approach. it swims back and forth between 2 nearby pylons so I took this shot
Whaat? they said that ghosts cannot reflect in mirrors... (in reality what looks alike water surface is the high reflecting sand in Chowder bay and they are a pair...)
Now I know why they are called white sea-horses... they glow white :D
Despite the appearance, the white background is not artificial. The water is so full of small algae that the strobe reflects almost entirely when angled. This shot is with 3 strobes to illuminate the subject too
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editor's comments

Editor's Comment
Very impressive technique! White background with minimum post processing is very hard to achieve, especially while lighting up the subject so well.
... and then she looked at me with big brown eyes and said: "you ain't seen nothing yet..." :D
Swimming ghost. The female of the pair
"the dark knight" no PS to achieve the background I used a 3rd strobe to blow the water. shot in Clifton too much south for them how long they will stay around is not known...
Ghost pipefishes are sometimes stranded by the current descending from the GBR to Sydney. Here they are shot in midwater with a very close aperture to just make their stunning color popping up...
close up and personal portrait of a friendly wobbegong... in reality I was very mindful not to spook it :-)
"The alien"
They get carried by the current and end up dead because of the cold Sydney water. Illuminated with low strobe powers and UV video lights
Somebody wastes it... somebody enjoys it...
Some fisherman decided that the fish was too small/not of taste (although > 20 cm) and dumped dead in the water for the joy of this small octopus (that was not in the idea to share it)!!!
Hello, my name is Pinky and I am the new ruler of the white sponges of Clifton Gardens!!!
Black-scatter Angler-fish.
Conditions were so bad that visibility was less than a meter. I was with fisheye so I had to improvise the illumination in order to get pictures. So all the pictures where blown out background and full of backscatter...
I got the key... do you? (playing with may new snouts)
white on white... playing with a very patient shrimp. the fused background is achieved pointing the main strobes to the sand
"sealhouette" a playful sea-lion dancing near the surface for us
The golden one. Caught using my lights to hunt
super small aplysia detail (105+1.4x+10subsee) resting on a leaf
shot in midwater, the withe is been produced lmost entirely with PS
The last supper:
The crab thought that got lucky... its dinner will be paid with its life... Never play with blue-ringed...
"The Hulk" this large moray eel is also known as "old man" and always sits in a hole at the base of the pylons in Clifton Gardens
super small pygmy squid (105+10subsee) the white background is achieved using the highly reflective sand and enhanced with PS
What a year it has been on the east coast of Australia with humpback whales every year we see more and more magnificent creatures!
Weedy Seadragon Flinders Pier Victoria Australia
He was just so cute! Nsw south coast
Nikon d7100
Weedy Sea Dragon
817 Entries Found: Page 7  of  31

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