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by Luis Arpa

Pseudoprotella phasma

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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From United Arab Emirates

402 Entries Found: Page 9  of  15
Seahorse holding onto a rope
Canon 60D
Whip goby
Shot taken with Canon 60D, 60mm macro lens
Crinoid squat lobster in details
(Allogalathea eleqans)
Two Squat Shrimps .
Coral Goby on a bed of blue coral.
cleaner shrimp.. one of my first images with a dslr.. i am new to this..
This small crab has been found inside the coral. Size around 2-3 sm. Canon 50D, Canon 100mm MACRO.
Red Coral Crab, Trapezia Cymodoce, hiding in the coral playing hared to get.
confidant diver
Full frame
Cuttlefish Friends.
Subal D700 @ F20 1/100 ISO 200, 17-35mm @ 35mm, 2X Inon Z240 about 1/3 power
Diadema Sea Urchin D700 105mm+ 2XTC
into the blue
shot nikon D70s and 50mm macro
shot with nikon D70s with 105mm macro
Jaw fish. Canon EOS 50D + Sigma 18-50mm MACRO
Night dive
Canon EOS 50D + Sigma 18-50mm MACRO
Peppered moray.
Canon EOS 40D + Sigma 50mm MACRO
Canon EOS 50D + Sigma 18-50mm MACRO
Canon EOS 40D + Canon 100mm MACRO
Canon EOS 50D + Sigma 18-50mm MACRO
Canon EOS 50D + Sigma 18-50mm MACRO
Depth 32m, visibility 5m
Canon 50D + Sigma 18-50mm MACRO
Canon 50D
Jelly Reflection. D700 35mm f6.3 @ 1/160
D700 Subal 35mm f8 @ 1/250 Dalma Island
402 Entries Found: Page 9  of  15

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