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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From The Caribbean Sea

14771 Entries Found: Page 531  of  548
"Sun Rays" This picture was taken at StingRay Sand Bar Grand Cayman picture of two male Southern Sting Rays, Natural light 5ft of water,Camera used Nikonos V 20mm lens
SeaLife DC 500 image of Lemon Shark with Remoras.
This scrawled filefish was seen July 2004 in Roatan. The photo was taken with a Capilo RR 30. This happens to be one of my favorite fish!
I have cropped one of my earlier entries and done a few other things to make it into (what I think) is a much better image. Subject is a spinner dolphin on The Belize Barrier Reef.
This photo was taken in 2005 , while diving in Cozumel. I used a Sealife DC200 w/ a digital strobe. The turtle is swimming over the wall at Columbia Deep. Thanks Again to Liquid Blue!!!!!!!!
It's King Crab! This cutie was taken July 2004 at Roatan. I used a Caplio RR 30.
Fish in sea fan
Kiss Me Angel was taken at Isla Mujeres on April 2006 using a Canon PowerShot SD 550.
This was taken at Isla Mujeres. Every evening the pelican would fly over my balcony.
spotted eel with christmas tree worm
A loggerhead turtle and diver. Belize Barrier Reef
ThisSpotted Eel thought he was really camoflauged but the great eye of my dive buddy lured me to this subject.This photo was taken w/ a Sealfe DC200 and single digital strobe.Cozumel 2005
Small Blennie on coral. D2x, 105mm, 2xTC.
soldierfish in Bonaire.
In Roatan there are lots of Christmas Tree Worms on just about every piece of coral.This photo was taken with a DC500 made by Sealife w/ 1 Digital Strobe.
I am trying to get an Aussie Aboriginal painting effect, this is on the way there but I may revisit it again.
This Blackcap Basselet was in and out of the sponge. The photo was taken last week in Roatan at Mary's Place.The wall on this site had lots of sponges and tons of Black Coral
A silky shark deep off the wall of The Belize Barrier Reef.
Coral Banded Shrimp
"A Game Of Hide and Seek" This photo was taken off of Playa Del Carmen. One of of my favorite Angelfish.The Queen Angelfish
Dolphins selscting some free range jacks for supper!
taken during a dive in the domenican republic, caribbean site .
Mary's Place, Roatan.
A bristle worm engages the wall off Little Cayman
This photo was taken at Punta Sur in Dec 2005 after exiting the Devils Throat. Cozumel's clear water offers many great photo ops! I used a Sealife DC200 w/one strobe. The gorgonians here on this wall are incredible! Thanks Liquid Blue!!!!!!
Scorpion fish found resting on the sand in Cozumel during a night dive. March 2006
This Starfish was lost and nearly beached. I used a 24m wide anngle lense. The photo was taken Saturday 5/12/06 in front of the Fantasy Island Dive Resort in Roatan.I used my DC500 w/ no strobes.
14771 Entries Found: Page 531  of  548

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